Zomato’s new invitation-only “ProPlus” plan offers unlimited free delivery and no surge fees

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Almost a week after the excellent IPO list, popular food delivery giant Zomato is now making great strides in boosting user revenue.To offer our customers more benefits and discounts, Zomato Limited edition, invitation-only subscription plan.. A new subscription plan called “Zomato Pro Plus” offers additional benefits to existing Zomato Pro customers, including unlimited free delivery and no surge fees.

The announcement was made on Twitter by Zomato’s founder and CEO, Deepinder Goyal. According to Goyal’s tweet, Zomato Pro Plus membership is Available to some customers Who is invited to participate “limited edition” membership. You can see the tweets attached just below.

Benefits of Zomato Pro Plus Subscription

The Zomato Pro Plus plan offers customers all the benefits and more of the company’s existing Zomato Pro plans.In addition, it is included Unlimited free delivery, According to the company, this was the most requested feature on the platform.In addition, customers can also enjoy No surge fee For their delivery.

For availability, the Zomato Pro Plus plan will be available today at 6pm.As Around Goyal, all Zomato Edition Black credit cardholders will be automatically upgraded to the new subscription plan.However, other customers Buy a ProPlus plan from the Zomato appGiven that I received an invitation from the company.

Now, while Zomato has been successful in the food technology industry, it’s worth mentioning that the company faces criticism of underpayment to delivery executives. that’s why, Tweet later, Goyal has confirmed that delivery personnel will not lose income as a result of the new plan. “Zomato will cover all costs” He added further.

Therefore, if you’re using Zomato Pro, check out your invitation to upgrade to the Pro Plus plan with the Zomato app at 6pm today. Also, as confirmed by Goyal, Pro Plus is a limited edition plan and may not be available later.