Zomato will soon begin delivering food in just 10 minutes. Find out all the details here!

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Zomato delivery returns to pre-COVID levels

If you’re familiar with Blinkit’s (formerly Grofers) 10-minute instant grocery delivery concept these days, you know how easy and addictive it is. In an attempt to bring this concept to the food delivery department, Zomato (which is also in the final stages of Blinkit’s acquisition, by the way) Zomato Instant Food can be delivered in just 10 minutes in India. This is because the company had previously tested the 10-minute delivery system and was unable to get it out of the door. Let’s see what the Zomato Instant is.

Zomato Instant for 10 Minute Food Delivery Announced

Deepinder Goyal, Zomato’s Chief Executive Officer, announced: Zomato Instant will be live as a pilot starting next month Deliver “warm and fresh” food in just 10 minutes. And this is the first time for any food delivery service in the world. The service will be piloted in Gurgaon and will soon reach other parts of India.

The announcement tweet considers Zomato’s 30-minute delivery time slow and aims to speed up the process. To achieve this, Zomato will deploy cloud kitchens in high-demand locations made up of the best-selling food products.The concept is 3 As and Q (AAAQ), Affordable, accessibility, assortment, and quality.

It is said to be of the highest quality while being affordable to users. We don’t know the 10-minute limit for delivery, so if you don’t deliver within the limited time, you won’t be penalized.

This sounds like an intriguing concept, but it has raised many questions and criticisms. People point out that this model is not necessary for food and can have a negative impact on the delivery person.

In response, Goyal came up with another tweet revealing some details.clearly Zomato Instant contains only items that can be easily shipped in 2 minutes, And yes, it contains everyone’s favorite Maggie! It is also for neighborhoods and delivery companies are educated about traffic safety so that they do no harm.

Also, if you’re worried that Zomato will seduce your delivery partners with incentives and no-penalty rules, the company won’t get incentives for timely delivery, and you won’t have to pay if you don’t. For more clarity, you can see Goyal’s tweets:

So maybe this food delivery system isn’t as bad as you might hear it. However, I can’t comment on how feasible this model is until I can test it. In addition, to be successful, we need to benefit everyone. Therefore, it’s best to wait for it to be live.

I like short grocery deliveries, but given that those products don’t require preparation, I can easily wait 30 minutes to eat. Let us know what you think about Zomato Instant in the comments below.