YouTuber quickly changes hardware to add dual nano-SIM support to iPhone 12

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Android phones have long provided users with dual SIM support, but Apple introduced this feature in the iPhone XS lineup in 2018 quite late. However, Apple has taken a different approach to dual SIM support by offering users a secondary eSIM. Digital SIM card instead of physical secondary SIM slot. However, YouTuber has found a way to add a second physical SIM slot to the iPhone 12.

Well, if you’re not aware, Apple sells dual SIM iPhone models that support eSIM on the global market, but the company offers iPhone models with two physical SIM slots in China.So, a YouTuber named Huge Freeze took this opportunity to take advantage of this opportunity. Convert iPhone 12 (American model) with only one physical SIM slot to a true dual nano-SIM iPhone It has two physical SIM slots.

To accomplish this feat, Jeffreys ordered a dual nano-SIM reader compatible with his iPhone 12 from China, replacing an existing SIM reader with only one physical SIM slot. So when the dual nano-SIM reader from China arrived, Jeffreys took the iFixit tool, disassembled the iPhone 12, installed a new SIM reader in place of the existing SIM reader, and reassembled the device. Check out his 8-minute video attached just below.

Now, it’s worth mentioning that Jeffreys was able to replace the iPhone 12’s SIM reader because Apple uses modular SIM readers for the iPhone XR, 11, and 12. Therefore, the dual nano-SIM reader was automatically compatible with Americans. No model and further hardware changes were required to integrate the new SIM reader.

Once the dual nano-SIM reader was installed, Jeffreys booted the iPhone as usual. What’s more, surprisingly, the iPhone 12 automatically detected the new SIM reader and offered two new options on the SIM settings page. for that reason,[設定]Instead of showing “Physical SIM” and “Digital SIM” on the page, the device now shows “Front SIM” and “Rear SIM”. However, the eSIM feature has been removed in the process.

When you insert the two physical nano-SIM cards into your device, YouTuber will greet you with a setup screen to configure the two installed SIM cards, set the label and set the default SIM card. Was done. After setup, Jeffreys was able to make calls using both networks.

Therefore, for users who prefer a physical SIM card to an iPhone digital card, this simple hardware change is a godsend. In addition, Apple uses a similar modular SIM reader for the iPhone XR and 11, so this change should work technically on these models as well. However, get the appropriate dual nano-SIM reader compatible with your iPhone model from China.

Featured images courtesy of: Hugh Jeffreys (YouTube)