YouTuber Fixed Switch Joy-Con Drift Issue on Part of Cardboard

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If you’re using a Nintendo Switch, you may have experienced or at least heard of Joy-Con drift issues. This is a widespread manufacturing flaw affecting the Joy-Con controller on the switch. This moves the controller’s analog stick to enter commands without external force. This is an unfixable issue for users and has long plagued the community.However, YouTuber Apparently a permanent fix for the problem was found Use cardboard. Now let’s see how YouTuber fixed the problem and why it happens in the first place.

What is the Joy-Con Drift issue?

The Joy-Con drift problem is essentially a nasty hardware flaw that causes the analog stick to automatically drift in a particular direction, even if no one is touching it. This has affected many Switch and Switch Lite users, and even the newly announced Switch OLED is no exception as it supports older Joy-Con controllers.

I’ve seen users complain about this issue for a long time. In fact, the mother and son duo sued Nintendo on this issue and demanded $ 5 million to provide their customers with a defective controller. Moreover, in most cases, it’s worth mentioning that even Nintendo doesn’t fix the problem if you send Joy-Con for repair. Instead, send the new controller pair to the user.

Why does that happen?

Now, as for the reason for the Joy-Con drift issue, I didn’t know why it happened until the YouTuber VK channel shared the fix.

To find out the reason for this problem, YouTuber first used a calibration tool to observe the drift of the analog stick. During testing, we discovered that if the analog stick automatically drifts in a particular direction, a small amount of pressure on the controller will lock the analog stick in place.

YouTuber fixes Joy-Con's
Image: VK channel

Following this discovery, YouTuber also discovered that it was caused by an inadequate design of the analog stick mechanism. Therefore, according to YouTuber, the drift problem is basically the result of loosening of the metal clamp holding the analog stick. These metal clamps hold the analog stick in place. However, Regular use of the stick will loosen the metal clamp.. This prevents the metal clamp from holding the analog stick firmly in place, causing the analog stick to automatically drift in a particular direction.

Permanent fix for Joy-Con drift issue

As for the fix, the VK channel used an easy way to permanently stop the analog stick from drifting. He opened the affected Joy-Con console to access the interior. Next, I placed a small cardboard box (about 1 mm wide) inside the console and reassembled it. This tightened the controller, maintained pressure, and prevented the analog stick from moving freely.

Check out the 10-minute detailed video just below.

Permanently fix Joy-Con drift issues in this nifty way

Now that the fix has reached reliability, many affected Switch users have tried and succeeded with this method. resulting in, Video spread by word of mouth among the Switch community.. Some users praised YouTuber for coming up with a fix for the old Joy-Con problem, while others ridiculed that Nintendo hadn’t dealt with it for such a long time.

Therefore, if you are the owner of the switch and are currently facing Joy-Con drift issues with your controller, try this fix. However, be careful when disassembling the affected Joy-Con console. If you are unsure or do not have the technical expertise, you can use the help from the Joy-Con controller online teardown video to fix the drift issue.

Featured image courtesy of: VK channel (YouTube)