YouTube Vanced app with premium features for free shutdown

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YouTube Vanced shuts down

If you’re an Android user, you’ve probably used or at least heard of the YouTube Vanced app. This is a modified version of the official YouTube app for Android, which offers many of YouTube’s premium features, such as ad-free videos and background playback, at no additional charge. Unfortunately, for regular users, there’s some bad news as Vanced is currently out of service. This is what happened.

YouTube Vanced shuts down

The Vanced developer, formerly known as YouTube Vanced, recently visited the official Telegram channel and Twitter to announce that the app will be discontinued “for legal reasons.” The developer doesn’t give a specific reason, but it could be Google’s fault.

Vanced developers say that’s it “That’s what we have to do.” But as I was told The VergeAvant-garde owner I received a cease and desist letter from Google. This could be due to the app including premium YouTube features such as ad-free videos, background playback, and disliked counters that were removed from all YouTube videos last year. Unlike the official YouTube platform, which charges a premium subscription fee to access these features, these features were provided free of charge by Vanced.

The statement states:We were asked Remove all references to “YouTube”, change logo and remove all YouTube related links product.“”

Remember, The company recently changed its name to just “”VanceI removed YouTube’s Monica from the brand name and removed it from most websites and social platforms. It could have been done to prevent Google from removing it, just as it did with the popular Discord-based music bot Groovy last year. But in the end, it succumbed to Google’s legal team!

The developer said it The currently installed version of Vanced will continue to work normally.. However, users will no longer receive app updates. Therefore, in the next two years, it will be out of date for existing users. Therefore, if you already have Vanced installed on your Android device, please keep the service alive. Also, in the comments below, please tell us your thoughts on a complete shutdown of Vanced.