YouTube publishes clips for streamers, live voting, and subscriber-only chat

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YouTube has added three requested new features to help streamers and enhance their platform comparable to Twitch. New features include subscriber-only chat, live polling support, and clipping features to help streamers and game creators improve their livestream sessions.

YouTube recently announced new features through an official post on the community forum. According to the company, the new features are highly sought after by users, making it easier for streamers to interact with viewers while allowing viewers to share the most memorable moments from their favorite live streams. .. Let’s take a look at the new features individually.

New YouTube features for streamers


Clips are a long-standing feature on Twitch. This allows viewers to record short clips of live streams (usually special or interesting moments) and share them on other social media platforms.

The YouTube Clips feature allows viewers to record clips of their favorite streamer content for 5-60 seconds and share them on YouTube and other third-party platforms. It is now available to all streamers with over 1,000 subscribers. You can use the linked guides to learn how to create clips on YouTube.

When you enable the clip feature, a clip icon will be added to the YouTube streamer’s live stream video. Viewers can record the iconic moments of a live stream with the tap of an icon. It loops repeatedly on the original video viewing page, and all views and other metrics for the viewer’s clip are due to the streamer. Streamer can turn clip function on / off From YouTube Studio settings.

Subscriber-only chat

The second feature allows streamers to moderate their live chat space by dedicating it to subscribers. You can select how long users need to subscribe before streaming live chat messages.

This helps streamers create more connections within the community. Check the company support page and Step-by-step guide on how to turn on subscriber-only chat For your live stream. This feature is available on all YouTube streamers.


Like Clips, Polls is another feature that has been around for a long time on Twitch. This allows streamers to create and manage live polls for streams. Therefore, this feature allows streamers to vote on different topics during the live stream.

You can visit Google’s Help Center page to learn how to create and manage votes on YouTube. Available for all streamers on the platform.

These are three new features that YouTube has added to make live streams more interactive and enjoyable for viewers. So the next time you watch a live stream of your favorite creator, be aware of the new clip icons and live polls during the session.