YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium: What to Buy?

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YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium are becoming top services, but the two services are not the same. YouTube Music is YouTube’s music streaming service, but YouTube Premium is a new upgraded version of YouTube Red. Wait, what does that mean?

Check out this comprehensive article comparing YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium.

What is YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium just has all the great video content and great features that YouTube Red had. Only this time, YouTube Premium gives you access to YouTube Originals content to speed up high-resolution downloads.

What is YouTube Music Premium?

YouTube Music can be used not only as a desktop web player, but also as an Android and iOS app. When talking about YouTube Music, think about Spotify.

However, the real question is whether YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium is better. Here are two detailed comparisons that will help you determine the winner.

YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium-Which has better content?

Which one has better content?

YouTube Music Premium has a vast music section and corresponding music videos depending on availability, but YouTube Premium offers more.

So, if so, does YouTube Premium include YouTube Music Premium? The answer is yes. In addition, YouTube Premium has a wealth of premium video content.

And it includes more than user-generated content on the site. YouTube also produces originals exclusively for the YouTube Premium service.

Benefits of YouTube and YouTube Music

When it comes to ad-free services, there is no difference between YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium. However, the real difference lies in the set of benefits each offers.

YouTube Music Premium provides exclusive access to downloadable, ad-free music. If you want to find new music and have great recommendations, you should choose YouTube Music Premium.

But is YouTube Music the same as YouTube Premium?

of course not! YouTube Music Premium is music only, but YouTube Premium has ad-free music and videos. In addition, YouTube Premium has two additional benefits.

The first is background playback of the video. This allows you to sign in to a non-disruptive experience while switching to another app. The second is YouTube Kids. This is an app that guarantees that the videos your child watches are child-friendly.

How about the cost?

When comparing the differences between YouTube Premium and YouTube Music, cost considerations are an important factor.

YouTube Music Cost

YouTube Music Premium is $ 9.99 per month and Family Plan is $ 17.99, while YouTube Premium is $ 11.99 per month and Family Plan is $ 17.99 for up to 5 members.

But the real question is, is it worth the money to pay for YouTube Music? Well, the answer is different. If you use it primarily for music, YouTube Music works and you can save a few dollars on coffee.

However, if you’re considering pricing for YouTube Premium and YouTube Music, it’s wise to choose YouTube Premium.

Final Verdict: What Should You Buy?

The final verdict is none other than the user, also known as you. When comparing YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium, always keep in mind the purpose for which one or both services are needed.

However, for inquiries, we recommend YouTube Premium as the winner of this best battle. This is because if you add $ 2 to your individual YouTube Premium plan, you’ll get great video content with background playback in addition to all the music on YouTube Music Premium.

For family plans, there is an additional $ 3 in exchange for video content and children’s controls.

What are your thoughts and which will take the cake for you – YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium? Share your answer in the comments below.

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