YouTube makes it easy to tip creators with the new “Super Thanks” feature

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After recently adding three new features to help content creators improve their live streams: clips, subscriber-only chat, live voting, and more, YouTube today adds new features for creators to monetize their content. released. This feature, called “Super Thanks,” allows YouTuber to make additional money from content and allows viewers and subscribers to pay monetary rewards for existing videos.

The Google-owned company announced new features through an official blog post. In the post, YouTube quoted the popularity of the super chat and super sticker features on the platform. These features were introduced in 2017 and 2019, respectively. Super Thanks is essentially an extension of the “super” monetization feature.

YouTube Super Thanks feature

For those who don’t know, Super Chat and Super Stickers feature allows fans and viewers to send financial bonuses to their favorite creators during live streams and premiere releases. On the other hand, the Super Thanks feature allows fans and viewers to buy Super Thanks on YouTube and present existing videos on the channel to their favorite YouTube users, as well as live streams and premieres.

How to turn on Super Thanks (only for target creators)

Creators with access to the Super Thanks feature can switch it on from YouTube Studio.If you can take advantage of this feature, you can use YouTube Studio[収益化]New under options[スーパー]You can turn it on / off from the tab.

[スーパー]If tabs aren’t available, this feature hasn’t been published yet. In addition, please note that Super Thanks is only available to users who are already enrolled in the YouTube Partner Program and are eligible for monetization.

Super Thanks Icon and Price

When turned on, viewers can see new glyphs in their hearts under YouTube videos. Tap this new icon to take the viewer to the Super Thanks purchase page. On this page, you can give Super Thanks to your favorite content creators. the current, Prices range from $ 2 to $ 50 in the United States.. In India, the price of Super Thanks fluctuates from rupees. 40 rupees 1,000.

youtube super thanks

So, according to YouTube, Super Thanks acts as a dual feature for creators. You can connect with the most active fans and subscribers while offering a new way to make money on the platform.

“At YouTube, we’re always looking for new ways for creators to diversify their revenue streams. That’s why I’m excited to announce a fourth paid digital product — Super Thanks. With this new feature, creators are excited. You can get yet another way to make money while strengthening your relationship with your audience. “ Neil Mohan, YouTube’s Chief Product Officer, said.


With today’s expansion, YouTube Super Thanks feature available to thousands of target creators in more than 68 countries.. It should be visible to both web platform and mobile app (Android and iOS) viewers. YouTube plans to expose this feature to all monetization creators later this year.