YouTube is testing new gestures for scrubbing videos

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Remember that the YouTube mobile app had a handy feature that allowed you to tap anywhere on the seek bar to skip to a specific part of the video?Google Restore functionality in the form of gestures It will make it easier to scrub YouTube videos.

YouTube gestures to scrub videos

As first discovered in r / Android subreddit, YouTube’s new gestures activated by long-pressing anywhere on the screen make it easy to navigate the video. Redditor discovered this feature in version 16.20.35 of the YouTube app on Android. It was accessible from YouTube version 16.30.34 (stable version) of Pixel 3 XL.

Here’s how the new video scrub gesture works on YouTube:

If you don’t understand what’s happening with a GIF, let me elaborate. Immediately after the great intro to the Nothing Ear 1 review video, I long-pressed the video. Within 1 second, the app displayed a new slider interface “Slide left or right to seek” option.. After that, I was able to skip to where I needed it without having to manually push and drag the seek bar.

However, it is not available on all confirmed devices. Software giants can expect this neat gesture to eventually roll out to everyone in the coming months. If you don’t have access to gestures for now, update your YouTube app from the Google Play store to increase your chances. Users have also reported that new gestures are available on YouTube’s iOS app, so if you’re an iPhone user, you can try your luck there.

Update YouTube from Play Store | Update YouTube from App Store