YouTube Creator Donates Rs 6,800 to Indian Economy: Report

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YouTube India added Rs 6,800 to the economy and created more than Rs 60,000 jobs: Report

Google’s video streaming platform YouTube was launched in India almost 14 years ago in 2008. Over the years, YouTube has become a major platform for thousands of creators and channels in India and has had a major impact on India’s growth. Now, according to a recent report, YouTube has added Rs 6,800 to India’s GDP, creating more than Rs 60,000 full-time jobs.

YouTube Impact on India’s GDP and Employment: Report

According to a research report by independent consulting firm Oxford Economics YouTube’s growing ecosystem of creators contributed Rs 6,800 to the Indian economy in 2020.. Not only that, the platform has become a major source of income for millions of creators, creating 6,83,900 full-time jobs across the country.

YouTube India added Rs 6,800 to the economy and created more than Rs 60,000 jobs: Report

According to YouTube, 72% of creative entrepreneurs working on the platform agree with the fact that revenue from advertising on YouTube channels is an important source of revenue for them. In addition, YouTube is a multinational company and is available in more than 91 countries around the world. Help creators reach viewers from multiple countries around the world and expand their fan base..

YouTube also states that In India, there are 400,000 channels with more than 100,000 subscribers., Growth rate of 45% or more compared to the previous year. This shows that more and more Indian creators are finding viewers on YouTube and using that platform as their primary source of income.

“This report is the first to clarify and quantify the economic, social and cultural implications of India’s YouTube ecosystem.” Adrian Cooper, CEO of Oxford Economics, said. “According to our research, YouTube has a huge positive impact on Indian creators in helping them achieve their professional goals and grow their business.” Cooper has added more.

In addition, YouTube offers so many revenue channels on its platform that the company A key tool for Indian SMEs (SMBs).. In addition, streaming services were one of the most valuable resources for individuals during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company said. It provided a revenue-generating platform and information hub for many individuals who lost their jobs or had to quit their jobs due to circumstances.

YouTube India added Rs 6,800 to the economy and created more than Rs 60,000 jobs: Report

So, overall, YouTube is one of the major drivers of India’s economic and employment growth. The company aims to help Indian creators grow and establish their name on the world stage, while continuing their efforts in the country to add significant economic value to the country’s GDP. I am.