YouTube begins testing cheaper “premium light” subscription plans

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Google-owned video streaming giant YouTube is currently testing a new subscription plan Ad-free experience at a cheaper price.. A subscription plan called the “YouTube Premium Lite” plan removes many of the key features of the premium plan and offers users a low-cost service.

YouTube’s new Premium Lite subscription plan was first discovered by users ResetEra.. However, the Mountain View Giants later confirmed that they are currently testing new plans in several selected regions of Europe. These include countries such as Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

Currently, the Premium Lite plan is available with a monthly subscription fee of € 6.99 (~ Rs .617) and can be viewed on YouTube without ads. However, that’s the only benefit of this plan, as opposed to the high-priced YouTube Premium plan, which offers additional benefits such as offline downloads and background playback. A full-fledged YouTube Premium plan is offered in European countries with a monthly subscription price of € 11.99 (~ Rs 1058).

“Nordic and Benelux (excluding Iceland) are testing new services to give users more choices. Premium Light costs € 6.99 per month (or local monthly equivalent) on YouTube. Includes ad-free videos. “ A YouTube spokeswoman said in a statement.

Well, it’s worth mentioning Premium Light Plan provides an ad-free viewing experience Not only on Youtube Web, but also on other platforms such as iOS, Android, smart TVs, game consoles and YouTube Kids apps. However, except for ad-free viewing on the platform, users can download videos for offline viewing or play videos in the background like a standard YouTube Premium plan while switching apps. Cannot be done.

According to Google, this is an experimental subscription plan and is currently in testing. Therefore, based on viewer feedback and other financial factors, the company plans to further develop such plans in the future. In addition, nothing is said about whether the Mountain View giant will introduce a premium light plan elsewhere.

Featured images courtesy of: YouTube | Via: The Verge