You will be able to send Bitcoins on Twitter via the tip jar feature

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You will soon be able to send Bitcoins to your favorite Twitter account

The popular microblogging giant Twitter has recently added a variety of new features to its platform. Earlier this year, the company added a nifty chip jar feature that allows users to send financial chips to their favorite creators and personalities. Today, social media giants are making sure that users can quickly send Bitcoin and Ethereum to other Twitter users via TipJar.

Future Bitcoin payment support for Twitter’s Tip Jar, first discovered by reverse engineer Alessandro Palazzi, is currently under development. A tipster shared a new feature, Sneak Peak, in a recent tweet. Users who have already enabled the Tp Jar feature can add Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses to their profile to receive payments from their followers.

Twitter uses Lightning Network, an alternative payment protocol for Bitcoin’s primary network, for transactions. The company uses Strike’s services to generate Bitcoin Lightning invoices, enabling faster payments and lower transaction fees.

Shortly after Paluzzi shared the findings, Twitter product leader Kayvon Beykpour said: Retweet Paruzzi’s Tweet and ⚡ Lightning Emoji and “Soon” Emoji. So it’s no exaggeration to say that Twitter is actually working on this feature and that Bitcoin support will soon be added to its hint jar feature. This feature currently supports payment services such as PayPal, Venmo, Cash App and Patreon.

When it becomes available, Twitter does not mention a specific timeline for the release of this feature. However, you can expect microblogging giants to roll out this feature sooner rather than later.

Featured image courtesy of: Twitter / @ alex193a