You may be able to use your skin to control your Google Pixel Watch

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Pixel watch leak

There were various leaks on the surface of the Google Pixel Watch before it was about to go on sale later this year. There are very few details at this point, but a recently discovered patent application suggests that Google’s wearables will have dedicated features. Allow users to control their Pixel Watch using their skin!! Messed up? Read the story to see how it works.

Pixel Watch with skin gesture control

According to a patent titled “Wearable Skin Interface: Sensor Fusion to Improve Signal Quality,” Google may develop a system that allows users to control their wearables using skin gestures.feature is Expected to be exclusive to Google’s own device and may move to the next Pixel Watch Or Pixel Buds TWS earphones. This sets the Pixel Watch apart from other Wear OS-based watches on the market.

This patent was recently discovered by a Dutch publication LetsGoDigital It was submitted to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in 2020. So Google has been working on this technology for the past two years.

Now, when it comes to how it actually works, the patent suggests. Users will be able to control various features of the Pixel Watch using skin taps, swipes, or customized gestures. Or Pixel Buds earphones. Gestures made on the skin generate “mechanical waves” that can be detected by associated sensors and accelerometers. The new SensorFusion technology is even more useful for accurate gesture detection.

Skin gestures control pixel watch Pixel bud patent
Image: LetsGoDigital

The gesture Used on the skin near wearable devices, sensors can detect gestures and receive them as input.. For example, you might be able to tap your forearm while wearing your Pixel Watch to start your workout immediately, or swipe near your ear to control the volume of your Pixel Buds earphones.

Gestures include vertical tapping, horizontal tapping, and the use of one finger. It has also been reported that machine learning will work to detect if skin gestures are for Google wearables.

Currently, skin gesture UI technology is not new to the market. Huawei had previously applied for a patent on a smartwatch with a similar metaphor, but recently Sony released a LinkBuds TWS earphone with similar functionality, giving users a “wide area tap” feature. The front skin of the ear can be used to control the earphones. The availability of this feature on Google smartwatches will give the company an edge over its competitors.

Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that patented technology does not necessarily give way to commercial products. Therefore, it’s a good idea to understand this information at a glance and wait for Google to announce the Pixel Watch. The Pixel Watch will be available on Google I / O 2022 in May with the Pixel 6a. Also, let us know in the comments below how you like this technology.

Featured images courtesy of: Jon Prosser / YouTube