You can now search for specific direct messages on Twitter

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Twitter DM search

Twitter has added features that are even more useful to users. This is about DM. The big deal is that Twitter’s DM section has an improved search bar that makes it easier for users to search for specific chats and messages. This is a welcome change given that you need a search option rather than hovering over the entire chat view to find one chat that occurred years ago.

Live Twitter DM Content Search Now

Of course, this announcement was made through a recent tweet. The search bar in the DM section of Twitter allows users to find specific chats by users or groups, as in WhatsApp. please remember. WhatsApp message search allows users to find a specific message in each chat.

you will be You can search for a specific message by a person by entering the main keyword and name... So if you’re trying to remember the name of a place that your friend recommended a long time ago, you can easily find the message by typing in a specific appropriate keyword. Of course, this requires playing a guessing game!

In addition to the DM search introduced on Android in 2021. At that time, microblogging sites promised to introduce message search in DM, and it finally came true. By the way, iOS users can now search DMs before this.

Twitter’s ability to search for specific messages based on keywords and names is now available on Android, iOS, and even the web version of the platform. Let us know in the comments below how you feel about it! In related news, Twitter recently added the ability for iOS users to create and post their own GIFs. This is a very nice addition.