You can now run Windows 10 on Valve’s Steam Deck game console

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Of the valve "Steam deck" You can now run Windows 10 on your handheld game console

After launching the Steam Deck handheld game console last year to embrace the Nintendo Switch OLED, Valve has recently begun shipping devices to its customers.console Run a new version of SteamOS Ready to use and run Windows games without porting. However, if you’re running Windows on your Steam deck, this is possible because Valve has released the drivers and instructions needed to run Windows 10 (Windows 10 instead of Windows 11) on your Steam deck.

You can now run Windows 10 on your Steam deck

Valve recently shared an official blog post to announce the release of GPU, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi drivers for SteamDeck needed to run Windows 10 on devices. However, there are some restrictions that prevent users from using the full Windows experience with Valve’s latest handheld game consoles.

First, when a user installs Windows 10 on Steam Deck, all the features of SteamOS will be lost. The Steam deck supports dual boot, but according to Valve, the SteamOS installer that provides the dual boot wizard is not yet ready. Moreover, Currently, users can only run Windows 10 on Steam Deck Windows 11 requires a new BIOS that supports TPM. And it’s still not ready for the console. However, we have confirmed that Valve is working the same way now, and will soon ship the features needed to run Windows 11 on the game console.

Another thing to note Windows 10 audio driver is not yet available on Steam Deck.. Therefore, if you install Windows 10 on your device, your speakers and headphone jack will be unavailable. Fortunately, you can support USB-C audio and Bluetooth-based audio while running Windows 10 on Steam Deck.

Windows 10 GPUs, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth drivers for Steam decks can be found on Valve’s official website. The company also provides detailed steps to recover your Steam deck and restore it to its default settings in case something goes wrong during the Windows 10 installation process. So what do you think of Steam Deck running Windows 10? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.