You can now install WSL on Windows 10 using a single command

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Earlier this year, Microsoft began testing support for Linux GUI apps on Windows 10. The company implemented support via the Windows subsystem (WSLg) for the Insider-built Linux GUI. In addition to this exciting development, Microsoft has also streamlined the WSL installation process for insiders with a single installation command. The Redmond Giants introduced the WSL install command into older Windows 10 builds.

Install WSL on Windows 10 with one command

you can Use the’wsl –install’ command Install Windows Subsystem for Linux on your computer. So far, it was only available in Insider builds, but Microsoft has ported this command to Windows 10 version 2004 and later.

“This process automatically enables the required WSL optional features, installs the Ubuntu distribution by default, and installs the latest WSLLinux kernel version on your machine. When you’re done and restart your machine, it will reboot. After the installation is complete, the distribution will begin. “ Craig Loewen, Program Manager for the Windows Developer Platform, said:

You can also use Command’wsl –list –online’ Shows a list of available Linux distributions. In addition, you can manually update the WSLLinux kernel with the command’wsl –update’. Other commands include “wsl–update rollback” to roll back to an earlier WSL Linux kernel version, and “wsl–status” to view the details of the current WSL installation.

To start using the new WSL commands, make sure you have updated from Windows 10. [設定]->[更新とセキュリティ]->[更新を確認].. It is also available as an optional update for version KB5004296.

It’s pretty easy to get started with the command, but you can check the guide for running GUI-based Linux programs on Windows 10 to see how the command works. WSLg is already running on Windows 11. You can follow the same steps to run your Linux GUI app on Windows 11.