You can now assign up to 25 co-hosts and search for Google Meet participants

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Google Meet has upgraded its moderated controls with the latest updates and is requesting permission to join the meeting with new safety features and quick access controls. Read on to learn all the new features that are coming to Google Meet.

Assign up to 25 co-hosts on Google Meet

from now on, You can assign up to 25 co-organizers in a meeting..To access this feature, please visit Google Meet Settings-> Host Control Enable the Host Management toggle. When enabled, hosts and co-hosts can limit who can share screens, send chat messages, mute everyone with a single click, end everyone’s meeting, or join a meeting. You can control it.

Host Management Google Meet
Blame Google for image quality

To add a participant as a co-host, click on the three dot menu next to that person and click[共同ホストとして追加]Choose. The ability to add co-hosts is limited to Google Workspace Essentials, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Business Standard, Business Plus, Education Fundamentals, Education Standard, Education Plus, and Teaching and Learning Upgrade customers.

Image: Google

Along with this Google has added the ability to search for participants.. In this way, you can see if a particular person has attended a meeting or mute that person. At first glance, students probably don’t like this. This feature will be available on both the web and mobile of Google Meet.

Search Participant Google Meet

Google Meet is also expanding the availability of quick access control to most Google Workspace customers. This feature eliminates the need for participants in the same domain to wait for approval to join the meeting.

When it becomes available, Google will begin rolling out all of the above features on the web and Android starting August 16. On the other hand, iOS users will start displaying from August 30th. As Google has pointed out, this feature can take up to 15 days to appear to users. If you are a regular Google Meet user, please read the guide to check the quality of your video before joining a Google Meet call.