Yes, there is a shower pod for games. And we’re not kidding!

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In this first-ever game shower, you can take a fresh bath while enjoying your favorite game.

With the goal of providing gamers with a peaceful and relaxing gaming experience, Colgate-Palmolive’s subsidiary Irish Spring has unveiled a unique gaming shower. Yeah, you read that right! Called the “Irish Spring Nice-Smelling Gaming Shower”, this product is the world’s first product aimed at thoroughly cleaning away dirt from the gaming sector. Check out the details just below.

Irish Spring Announces World’s First Game Shower

Irish Spring is a manufacturing subsidiary of Colgate-Palmolive brand soaps and body washes.The company says it “When gamers are in the middle of a battle, defeating big bosses, or competing in a full-scale battle royale, the last thing they want to do is put down a controller.” As a result, many gamers have admitted that they skip showering most days to catch up with their grinds. According to Irish Spring, one in five gamers allowed to skip the shower because of their gaming needs. Therefore, the need for a shower pod for games.

“Irish Spring is gaining momentum from the big game debut of Irish Spring’s magical scented world by creating its first Irish Spring scented game shower.” Emily von Mitchell, General Manager of Personal Care in Colgate Palmolive’s North American region, said in a statement.

So, to help gamers take a fresh and relaxing bath without stopping the grind of the game, Irish Sping has developed the Nice-Smelling Gaming Shower.It’s an epic game setup Comes with a transparent dome-shaped plexiglass exterior..

There is a classic gaming chair integrated into a dome-shaped structure. Below the chair is a puddle that sinks half of the gaming chair. On the dome, There are three wide monitor setups hanging from a scorpion tail-like structure (A-la Acer Predator ThronosAir). Therefore, the player can sit and relax while playing the game using the controller and enjoy a nice bath in the olfactory game shower.

In this first-ever game shower, you can take a fresh bath while enjoying your favorite game.

Irish Spring has partnered with popular professional gamer and streamer FaZe Santana to announce a gaming shower.The company Unveil your gaming experience with an innovative gaming shower with official detailed videos April 29, the day of the national scent.

So what do you think of the world’s first gaming shower? Why don’t you take a dip while playing your favorite game? Please let us know in the comments below. Please look forward to such an interesting story.