Xreart Frame Review: X-rays to Apple products

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Most people may not like the framed heart X-ray as a gift, but technicians will surely keep the iPhone X-ray in mind. And I’m fortunate enough to be able to view, see, and enjoy the Xreart disassembly frame for the first generation of iPhone 4 and Apple Watch.

And don’t skip this review as it will help you determine if Xreart is worth the investment, whether you got / liked my puns.

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Xreart Frame: Save a Part of History

Xreart has an interesting inside story. An avid Apple fan journey engrossed in the idea of ​​preserving old technology and the memories / special moments that accompany it. They collect old phones from licensed suppliers, disassemble, clean, sterilize, place and assemble them.

They disassemble and assemble many products like iPhones, game consoles, Apple Watches, and even provide DIY tools. If you have a device with special meaning, Xreart can help you create smart frames by providing frames, disassembly templates, toolsets and even glue.

Xreart Frame 4: Disassembled iPhone 4 makes great wall art

Xreart Frame iPhone 4 Review

The iPhone 4 is a very special phone for iGeeks Blog. It’s literally where everything started. Therefore, Xreart’s motto of providing us with technostalgia is certainly fulfilled.

Stuck on the sheet of ivory is a “change everything again” phone, also known as the black iPhone 4 in its disassembled glory. From borders to text, everything else in the frame is in stark contrast to ivory, and even MKBHD boasts a matte black shade that deserves jealousy.

What you get

Xreart Frame 4 wasn’t new to me, but I’ve checked the version of Grid before, so I liked some of the things in the frame more. For starters, it boasted more information, including:

  • Release and discontinuation dates
  • Display size, resolution, number of pixels per inch
  • iPhone dimensions and mass

It also mentions CPU RAM and GPU versions, which may be awkward for some, but for a deep blue technician, it’s exciting information. You may even receive Steve Jobs’ signature and one of my favorite quotes from him, “Be hungry and stupid.”

In addition, all parts such as the display, back cover, battery, A4 chip, flex cable, cellular antenna, SIM card tray, etc. are unused. The silver bumper is also shiny and has few scratches.

Interestingly, there are cute little screws around the frame with the proper arrows to show where they are. Also, the frame size is 44.8cm * 32.4cm * 3cm, but it takes time to take a closer look at everything.

In fact, during the entire unpacking and review process, I’ve seen Xreart Frame 4 at least 12 times, and almost every time I’ve found something interesting and awe-inspiring.

price: $ 139

Xreart iPhone4 frame banner

Xreart Apple Watch 1st Generation Frame: Bends Some History

Xreart of Apple Watch Review

Ever wondered how a heart rate sensor, taptic engine, speakers, etc. fit into a small Apple Watch? This is the answer. Take a look inside the Apple Watch and where it fits into the scheme of things.

What you get

In true Xreart frame style, the first generation of Apple Watch is affixed to an ivory base with black straps, frame borders, and text for a stylish and elegant look.

However, it’s not as good as the iPhone 4 frame. It’s not a big problem, but there are signs of wear on the back of the watch and the taptic engine. However, the straps look so fresh that publisher Aanal is paying attention to them.

There is a lot of information from device dimensions, battery capacity and type, display size and more. There is also a quote from Tim Cook.

“You want to be a pond pebble that creates ripples of change.”

There is only one flaw, but the company doesn’t mention who the quote is in the frame, so if you know, you know. In addition, the first generation of Apple Watch and later. In rare cases, you will have to pay a premium price.

price: $ 189

XreartAppeWatch 1st Generation Frame Banner

Is the Xreart frame worth your heart and money?


Build quality
Acuracy / authenticity
The value of a gift
Value of money

Xreart may not make sense to spend money on phones and watches that don’t even work on paper. But for tech enthusiasts, this frame has a lot of value.

It inspires them, reminds them of time, and shows how far technology has progressed. So whether you give it to yourself or a fellow nerd, it’s a great gift.

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