Xiaomi slows charging phones with third-party batteries in China: Report

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Xiaomi is reportedly planning to follow in Apple’s footsteps with a warning message about battery replacement for third-party phones in China. As first reported by XDA Developers, the Chinese smartphone giant We plan to further slow down the charging speed of phones with third-party batteries..

Xiaomi may slow down charging of phones with unauthorized batteries

This change was discovered in version 5.6 of the Mi Security app. If the phone detects an unauthorized battery, it will warn the user that the battery only needs to be replaced by an authorized service provider. It also adds that unauthorized batteries can damage the device.

“This device has a built-in battery and should only be replaced by an authorized service provider. Replacing the battery elsewhere can damage this device. Unauthorized battery Use can cause battery swelling, overheating, and leakage, and can cause fire and other hazards. Do not use unauthorized batteries. “ Read the warning.

The pop-up message also confirms Xiaomi’s plans to reduce charging power to “protect the device” in the event of unauthorized battery repairs. The warning does not explicitly state the charging speed, so it may also mean limiting the capacity of the entire battery. Check the warning below. XDA developer:

xiaomi unauthorized battery warning
Image: XDA developer

According to the report, the warning is currently only displayed on some Xiaomi devices such as China’s Mi 9, Mi 10, and Mi 10 Pro. It’s unclear if Xiaomi has already rolled out this change in their home country. Other Xiaomi phones outside of China are not affected by this change at this timeHowever, the company has the potential to expand its warnings globally in the future.

Do you think Xiaomi needs to slow down the charging of phones with unauthorized batteries to avoid potential damage? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments.