Winning Eleven 2012 Game APK Download for Android

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This time, our focus is Winning Eleven 2012, which is the 11th edition of the world-renowned soccer game Winning Eleven. It also owns other titles, like Pro Evolution Soccer and World Soccer Winning Eleven 2012 in Europe & America, respectively. Though it is available for various platforms, our target is the Android community. As a whole, it comes with loads of new developments in the previous version, which is Winning Eleven 2011 by Konami.

Download Winning Eleven 2012 APK

By way of introduction, Konami is a Japanese game company, and it has created a lot of products. The most influential is the WE or PES series on Football. It is a boon for those who can’t go to the grounds due to their busy routines. They can enjoy the world’s most played game on smartphones owing to the advancement of technology. For this, we offer you a free file of the popular sport free of cost.

Let come towards its main qualities at first.

Features of Winning Eleven 2012

Winning Eleven 2012

Verily, WE 12 is a refinement of the last version as the gameplay & story are the same. Only the new teams, footballers, uniforms, and other features got revisions. The following areas show advancements, and the short introduction is open to get its core idea.

Artificial Intelligence

Indeed, AI has taken over the modern era after technology. And it is observable even in video games. WE 2012 receives modern AI qualities, and thus, the actions & results are more accurate. Remember, the chances of cheating are less in it. And, the results are quick & precise.


Yes, players and referees show response quickly when it’s required. Additionally, it removes errors & issues affecting the smoothness. You can play the game at a better speed.


The number of stadiums increases up to 30 in it. Hence, some of the top playgrounds you can use here.


It’s the crux of this A1 football game. Undoubtedly, each & every part visible in the game has a next-level betterment. Players, balls, grounds, spectators, commentators, and referees behave reasonably.


The more stunning & bright appearance of gaming items has won the hearts of soccer lovers. With a set of new moves, you get a real experience without spending anything on it.

New Skills

Now, the players are much more competent as they have learned new tricks. It is evident when they are in the field. Goal styles, defence, and pass of the ball are revised.


You have the choice to play as a single or multiplayer. Football Life, Become a Legend, & Club Boss is notable. Leagues, Cups, Championships; have a great variety of football matches. Even you can enjoy the game with or without a data connection.

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Minor Features are:

  • Free to download & run.
  • Free of cache, OBB.
  • Enjoyable on all Android smartphones/tabs.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo on the cover image is delightful.
  • Free, easy, and high ranked game.
  • It is registered with UEFA.

End of the Discussion

Hopefully, you would have gotten a comprehensive review of Winning Eleven 2012 after reading the features. Well, it maintains its standard to survive in the market. And, you can examine it after playing it once. More importantly, the advancements will surprise you in the Settings section. In short, Soccer lovers have a great opportunity after the existence of the WE series.

Thus, download & install it at zero cost.