Windows 11 Pro requires a Microsoft account login and internet connection during setup

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Windows 11 Pro

Microsoft is making new changes to Windows 11 Pro, but this isn’t what everyone likes. Users must use a Microsoft account and an internet connection so that they can access their laptop or computer during the initial setup process. The company announced changes in the recent announcement of the recent Windows 11 build 22557 for insiders in the development channel.

Windows 11 Pro requires a Microsoft account

This new change Similar to how Microsoft requests Windows 11 Home users To meet these two conditions. Previously, Windows 11 Pro users could easily set up a new laptop or PC by logging in to a local account that did not require an internet connection. However, this is not the case now.

In a blog post, Microsoft said:Like the Windows 11 Home edition, the Windows 11 Pro edition requires an internet connection only during the initial device setup (OOBE).If you choose to set For personal devices, MSA is also required for setup. Subsequent WIP flights are expected to require a Microsoft account.“”

It looks like Microsoft has forced Microsoft to try to have a user with a Microsoft account. The company has been encouraging people to have one since the days of Windows 10, Bing, and even the Edge browser.

Notable This change may not affect users who have already set up a local account Alternatively, use MSA for login purposes. That said, if you’re in an area with slow or no internet connection, or if you’re doing it for someone else, it’s still not effective because it makes it difficult for users to set up their laptops and PCs. .. In addition, sharing data with Microsoft is essential even if users do not want to share it.

In addition, it Windows will be the only operating system that users need to sign up / log in online to access basic laptop or computer features.. You can easily access your device on Android, macOS, and even Chrome OS without logging in to your account. However, if you want to get around this limitation, we have already published a guide on how to create a local account in Windows 11.

This new change is currently being rolled out to Insider and is expected to take several months to reach the average Windows 11 Pro user. Meanwhile, a compelling and welcome change in Windows 11 is the new Task Manager UI,[スタート]There are more fixes, including menu apps folders, some touch gestures, drag-and-drop support in the taskbar, and more.