Windows 11 preview build 22000.160 with focus session, downloadable ISO rolled out

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After deploying Windows 11 Insider Preview build 2200.132 using the redesigned system app, Microsoft today launched the latest Windows 11 Preview build 2200.160 for Windows Insider in development and beta channels. There are no major changes in the new update, but Microsoft will provide a downloadable ISO for this build, allowing users to experience the out-of-box experience (OOBE) of the setup process.

As a result, the latest Windows 11 preview build allows development and beta channel insiders to download the Windows 11 ISO from the Windows Insider Preview download page and perform a clean install or in-place upgrade. Here you can learn how to install Windows 11 using a USB drive. And if you’re not impressed, check out our guide to rolling back from Windows 11 to Windows 10.

The setup experience will be similar to the official Windows 11 build that will be open to the public later this year.In addition, based on user feedback, Microsoft Added the ability to name your PC during the setup process.. After completing the PC setup using the ISO file, users can also use the new “Get Started” app to quickly set up their Windows 11 PC if needed.

Besides this, Microsoft has also added a new Clock app that supports the Focus Sessions feature. It was introduced by the Redmond giant earlier this month. This is essentially a timer-based feature that allows the user to focus on a particular task during the workflow. We’re working on a detailed guide to help you better understand how to use this feature to improve your productivity. So stay tuned for it. In addition, there are no signs of a redesigned paint app that the company has recently made fun of.

Windows 11's new focus session feature allows you to focus on a specific task

In addition, Microsoft[スタート]Power menu under, restart notification,[Windows Update設定]We are testing the ability to see an estimate of the restart time for updates in various places, such as on the page and in the Windows Update icon that appears on. The lower right corner of the taskbar. However, Microsoft has tweaked this feature a bit to show quotes on SSD-based PCs. The company plans to submit a quote to a PC with an HDD after fixing a few more bugs.

Apart from these new features, Microsoft has also fixed a bug that caused the user to see the “where in use” icon on the taskbar, even though they blocked it in their settings. Therefore, if you turn off the icon after this update, the icon will disappear from the taskbar.

Microsoft also lists some known issues related to Windows 11 Start, Taskbar, Search, Settings, Bluetooth, Widgets and other system features. The company will resolve these issues in the coming weeks and prepare for the next-generation operating system. Public release. If you’re interested in a complete bug and fix change log, read this blog post.