Windows 11 Insider Build 22581 provides beta users with an improved taskbar and more

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Windows 11. February update

As a weekly ritual, Microsoft released Windows 11 Insider Preview build 22581 on both the development and beta channels, making it the first Windows 11 update available on both channels. This setting is about to be performed. The features released for the Dev channel aren’t new, but they’re for the beta channel because they didn’t get the new features that the Dev channel normally gets. Let’s take a look at the new features.

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22581: New Features

Before we get to the new changes in the latest Windows 11 build, here are some important updates. Microsoft has revealed that it is changing the way the release is built. Release the same build for both the development and beta channels.. The former tests experimental features, while the latter previews features that can be considered close to release. However, not all features are shipped.

The company also offers users the opportunity to move to beta channels if they are part of the Dev channel.Because of this, the user [設定]->[WindowsUpdate]->[WindowsInsiderプログラム]->[Insider設定の選択]->[ベータチャネル]Go to Options, and it’s done. This option closes when a higher build is released to the Dev channel. Microsoft will soon begin releasing the Windows 1123H1 build to the Dev channel.

In terms of features, the latest Windows 11 preview build 22581 introduces a new taskbar for tablets that was first added in build 22563 for beta users. There are two modes, folding mode and unfolding mode. When you disconnect the keyboard or mouse, the Windows 11 taskbar collapses to show important icons. In extended mode, the taskbar is easier to use and touch gestures are also possible. The new Insider beta build adds more taskbar upgrades.

There is also Ability to create and rename folders at start And the ability to display a file preview in File Explorer. The context menu and various app icons are fluently designed. The task manager and print queue are also in dark mode.

Windows 11 Insider Build 22581 provides beta users with an improved taskbar and more

In addition, Insider Build 22581 introduced Live Captions to Windows 11 and improved the settings app. It also contains a number of bug fixes. Check out the Microsoft blog for a complete list and details about switching between development and beta channels. These features will also reach the Windows 11 22H2 update (also known as Sun Valley 2), which may be available to the general public later this summer.