Windows 11 build 22572 brings Clipchamp video editing app, search highlights and more

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Windows 11 update

Microsoft has released Windows 11 preview build 22572 to insiders in the development channel with some new changes. The Windows 11 Dev Insider update introduces the Microsoft family and Clipchamp as “Inbox” apps.[スタート]Search for highlights with and load more apps.

Windows 11 build 22572: new features

First, Windows 11 will allow you to install the Microsoft Family and Clipchamp apps right away. The Clipchamp app is a video editing app with both basic editing tools, simple timeline editing (usually reserved for the Pro editor), and other features.Remember, this is The same video editing app that Microsoft acquired earlier last year It’s web-based. The current difference is that it arrives as part of Windows 11 and you don’t have to wait for users to download it.

Windows 11 clipchamp video editor app

The Family apps allow users to manage family settings Previously managed on the web or mobile. Users can see their families, use parental controls, and track their digital activities. Windows 11 Home Edition Insiders needs to update the app from the Microsoft Store. Windows 11 Pro users[設定]->[アカウント]->[ファミリー]You can go directly to and download the Microsoft Family App.

The search in Windows 11 includes new changes (arriving early next week). Introducing search highlights. This feature displays interesting content for special occasions, holidays, anniversaries, etc. Based on global and regional levels. Tap to find out more, along with content for the day, content provided by Microsoft Rewards, trend search, and more.


Also, if the user is logged in through a work or school account, the search highlights are View organization contacts, files, and more detail. The search highlight is[設定]->[プライバシーとセキュリティ]->[検索設定]Select and[検索ハイライトを表示する]You can also disable it by turning off the option.

Further changes!

In addition to the above, there are some other minor changes in Windows 11 Insider Build 22572. New design for print queues This is in line with the design aesthetics of Windows 11. It also supports dark mode. In addition, the Fluent Design Icon has been added to the Quick Assist app and the Windows Sandbox app.

With the new update If silent mode is enabled, the notification center will also show a new indicator.. In addition, when the user right-clicks on File Explorer and the desktop and presses the Shift key,[その他のオプションを表示]You can now open the menu directly.

Some other updates and some fixes are also part of Windows 11 build 22572. For more information, see this official blog post. As always, these features are currently available to Insider users and nothing has been announced when they will reach the average user via stable updates. Stay tuned for this information as we keep you updated.