Why did you switch to the Twelve South HiRise Pro iMac stand?Practical review

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There is a big difference between excellence and perfection. And while I was using the excellent iMac stand, it sought perfection. And, as you can guess from the title, I landed on Twelve South HiRise Pro. But was it the best?

And should you switch? Find out while sharing my experience with Twelve South HiRise Pro and my honest reviews.

Problems with old iMac stands

Before sharing my view on the Twelve South HiRise Pro iMac Stand, I need to explain why changes are needed. And I can soothe you for some reason, just like my colleagues, but the heart of it all is that I’m tired of my previous position.

I have been using another 12south product, CurveRiser, for over a year. And it helped me very well, keeping the iMac safe and healthy, looking good on my desk, and even having space for some peripherals.

So, as I said, it was great. However, the height could not be adjusted and the open storage space was cluttered at the end of the day. And I changed for perfection.

HiRise Pro: A combination of comfort and smartness

HiRise Pro is another masterpiece of Twelve South. The stand made of gunmetal steel looks sleek and stylish. In addition, it’s height-adjustable and boasts a less secreted but hidden storage space.

Technically, I check every box on the paper, so my hands automatically[今すぐ購入]Moved to the section (at least that’s what I had to say).

Assemble a jigsaw puzzle

Various parts of HiRise Pro

HiRise Pro comes in a sleek and sophisticated package, as you would expect from Twelve South. It may sound a little childish, but I loved the monogram protective foam. After all, it’s all in detail.

I also modestly enjoyed the IKEA style DIY you were presented with, along with a fairly helpful guide. It only takes about a minute to assemble all five and no tools are needed.

It slides and locks smoothly, just like an oiled modular kitchen cabinet. So the big thumb up to that point.


When assembled, the HiRise Pro looks like a safe, albeit sophisticated. The metal matte finish and curved edges are a perfect match for the iMac’s design.

HiRise Pro iMac Stand Design

It’s a bit bulkier than the curve riser and certainly heavier. In a way, it’s good because you can easily manage the weight of iMacs, iMac Pros, and high-end 4K / 5K displays.

The base also has small round rubber legs that prevent slipping and do not damage the table. In addition, the “door to storage” is a removable magnetic metal plate that can be easily attached and detached.

Therefore, you can stock peripherals and use them when and when you need them. There is almost no tedious work. There is a curved cutout at the bottom to improve grip when pulling up the plate.

HiRise Pro dual side plate

Interestingly, the cover is double-sided and has a wooden and metal finish, so your aesthetic is also important. Personally, I use this feature as a fidget spinner, switching appearances when I’m thinking about something.

Another interesting design element is the hollow back plate that acts as a cable organizer. And between this cavity and the grille on the front plate, the iMac gets enough air circulation.

Useful shelves

Like me, the shelf mechanism is the masterstroke of the HiRise Pro design. One can be used to adjust the height of the iMac (up to about 4 inches). Slide the plate to the desired height and place the iMac above or below it.

HiRise Pro has removable and adjustable shelves

Second, there are two levels for storing luggage, as it also acts as a drawer divider. And most importantly, the slide mechanism is very smooth and you can switch levels as needed.

Apart from that, HiRise Pro also offers a leather cover with a padded top. Designed to store iPhones, keys, or other essentials.

This is a bit greedy as it is compatible with Qi or MagSafe on the top and wants to also enable wireless charging. I hope the gods of design will listen to the gods of the 12 South.

Do I need to participate in HiRise Pro?


ease of use
Value of money

Yes, you can openly call me a 12 South fan girl, but why I shouldn’t. The brand almost offers sophisticated and stylish products packed with such practical and smartly designed elements.

And yes, it has a steep price range. But if you’re looking for something that will last for more than a few years, look good on your desk, hide the cable mess, and store some things, it’s a worthwhile investment.

The box shape can be a big problem for those who have a small desk or limited space, but remember it before pressing the buy now button.

Strong Points

  • Looks sophisticated and luxurious
  • Height adjustable
  • Hidden storage space
  • Stable and reliable


  • Relatively expensive
  • Top mats can boast Qi or MagSafe chargers
  • Looks bulky on the new iMac

price: $ 169.99

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