WhatsAppPay can now be deployed to 100 million users in India

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Last November, WhatsApp was granted permission to increase the user limit in India from 20 million to 40 million. A few months later, India’s National Payments Corporation will add a popular Meta-owned messaging platform to extend its payment service reach to an additional 60 million users, adding a total of 100 million WhatsApp Pay. I made it. Indian users.

WhatsApp Pay is now available for 100 million users in India

WhatsApp Pay can have a user base of 100 million in India. Five times the official launch in 2020.. This decision was part of the plan and WhatsApp needed to phase out payment services in India to keep things going smoothly.

A spokesperson for WhatsApp confirmed this information as follows: TechCrunchThe National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has approved an additional 60 million users on WhatsApp’s UPI. With this approval, WhatsApp will be able to expand the service to 100 million users.“”

This decision is also the result of the aforementioned “significant” investment that the messaging platform decided to make last year. The platform has revealed that it will make these investments within the next six months to increase the popularity and market share of WhatsApp Pay.

This decision is for WhatsApp Pay to reach more users than before and take advantage of other best UPI apps in India such as Google Pay, Paytm and even PhonePe, which now dominates this sector in India. It can be a reliable payment service.

This happens when NPCI needs it Players in the UPI sector should not have a share of more than 30%. Total UPI transactions during the quarter.. This turns out to be useful for WhatsApp Pay, but we still don’t know how this change will affect all UPI players on the market.

Now that WhatsApp is ready for 100 million users in India, we will eventually introduce new features and ways to attract them to see if they are as important to payments as messaging. We will inform you about future updates. In the meantime, let us know in the comments below if you can use WhatsApp Pay instead of Google Pay or Paytm.