WhatsApp will soon allow users to request account ban reviews within the app

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WhatsApp has recently been working on adding features to the platform. Yesterday I saw the company roll out a new group calling feature and a redesigned calling UI. And now, messaging giants are testing new features that allow users to appeal banned account reviews within the app.

Features discovered by the reputable Tarekomi WABetaInfoBasically, users can drop a review request within WhatsApp to review accounts that are already banned. Following the review process WhatsApp may lift account ban If your account turns out to be banned by mistake in the first place.

Request a review of banned WhatsApp accounts

For those who don’t know, WhatsApp has a built-in automated system that bans accounts and groups that do not comply with our Terms of Service. Automated systems protect the platform by preventing illegal or suspicious accounts, but may prohibit innocent users for protection.

Citing the issue, WhatsApp is currently working on “Request a review” function For banned WhatsApp accounts. Therefore, if the automated system bans WhatsApp accounts, banned users will see a new Request Review option when opening the app.

WhatsApp allows banned users to
Image courtesy of WABetaInfo

Tap this option to send the start of your account review to WhatsApp. Users can also add comments when submitting a review request to further explain the situation.After submission, the company It can take up to 24 hours to see forbidden accounts Check the device information to find the cause of the ban.

Upon completion, WhatsApp may restore the banned account or ban it altogether, depending on the review report. If the company finds that your account complies with our Terms of Service, the app gives banned users the option to reconfirm their account.

WhatsApp allows banned users to
Image courtesy of WABetaInfo

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the review process usually takes about 24 hours. During that time, user chats and media files on WhatsApp will not be deleted. Therefore, if a banned user can restore their account, they will have access to all previous chats in the app.

Once available, this feature is currently under development and will be available to WhatsApp users in future updates.