WhatsApp will soon allow users to choose the quality of the video before sharing it

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If you try to share a video with someone on WhatsApp, you will notice that WhatsApp is essentially compressing the video. It degrades the video quality and the receiver ends up with poor quality video files. Well, that may change soon. Facebook-owned WhatsApp plans to add new features that allow users to send high-definition video.

Recently discovered by the reputable Tarekomi WABetaInfo, WhatsApp’s “Video Upload Quality” feature is currently under development. This was discovered in the latest WhatsApp beta version (v2.21.14.6) and allows users to choose the quality of their video before sending it to their contacts. You can see a screenshot showing the features just below.

WhatsApp allows users to choose the quality of the video before sending it
Image courtesy of WABetaInfo

As you can see here, following the rollout of this feature, you will now be able to go to the Storage and Data settings and choose from three options before sending high resolution video files on WhatsApp. I will.

The “automatic” option recommended by default is reported to select the best compression algorithm for the video. The “Highest Quality” option, on the other hand, sends the video in the highest quality possible, and the “Data Saver” option compresses the file to save valuable internet data.

Here, it is worth pointing out that if you select the “Highest Quality” option for uploading videos, such files are usually large in size and can take a long time to send the video. In addition, it uses much more data to send the video file to the recipient. Therefore, if you run out of data on a regular basis, the Data Saver option may be the best choice.

When it becomes available, WhatsApp will make the “Video Upload Quality” feature publicly available in a near future update. Once available on the public version of WhatsApp, we will keep you in a loop. Therefore, stay tuned for more details.