WhatsApp Web gets a code validation extension to make sure you are using the correct version

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whatsapp code validation extension announced

WhatsApp has been trying to meet as a secure platform, primarily with end-to-end encryption and adding a variety of privacy and security-centric features. In a similar way, Meta-owned messaging apps have released a new browser extension called “code validation”. This adds a layer of security to the web version and allows users to use the real WhatsApp web version. Here’s everything you need to know about WhatsApp’s new code validation extensions.

Introduced code validation extension for WhatsApp Web

Code validation An open source extension developed in partnership with Cloudflare.. Automatically validate WhatsApp web code to see if it has been “tampered with or modified”. This prevents you from being a prey to malicious WhatsApp web versions that can interfere with your privacy. Being open source, it can be used for the same purpose on other third party platforms.

But how does this work? Meta uses CodeVerify’s concept of “subresource integrity” The fetched resource does not change.. WhatsApp provided Cloudflare with the original WhatsApp Web JavaScript code. When users use the CodeVerify extension, the code for the WhatsApp web version they are using is aggregated with the original version. If there is a discrepancy, the extension will notify the user of the same.

In the meantime, it’s also clear that Code Verification ensures your privacy and doesn’t try to access your data, metadata, user data, or even WhatsApp messages.

How to use code validation?

Code validation browser extensions Available to Chrome, Firefox (coming soon), and Microsoft Edge users.. When you download an extension from Google, Microsoft, or the Mozilla Web Extensions Store, the WhatsApp Web code is automatically validated when the user logs in to the desktop messaging platform.

The extension has three modes. Green light mode The code has been successfully validated to indicate that everything is fine.Then you Orange light mode You can indicate that a problem has been detected and perform an update to sort it out. And finally, Red light mode If the verification fails.If the validation fails, the user will be in the extended UI[詳細]You can tap the option.

whatsapp code validation extension validation error

I tried the extension, but unfortunately the verification failed. In case this happens, WhatsApp details some steps you can take to organize it. Please let us know the results you are seeing and if the validation fails, please let us know if the problem has been resolved. Also, let us know your thoughts on the new extension in the comments below!