WhatsApp test showing a preview of the submitted document

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whatsapp document preview

WhatsApp, with the help of the new document preview feature, makes it quick and easy for users to know which documents are shared. This feature has been tested with Android beta users and is similar to how users can preview the content of shared links. This is a feature introduced last year.

WhatsApp showing how to preview a document

New WhatsApp feature discovered WABetaInfo, Known for passing WhatsApp related information.Document preview is being tested As part of WhatsApp for Android Beta

When users share images and videos in the form of documents, it becomes clear that the recipient will sneak a peek at the contents of the document. However, the current version shows a slightly pixelated preview. Hopefully it will improve once we reach a stable version of WhatsApp. Currently, shared documents only display document types and their names for the general public.

Whatsapp document preview feature test for Android
Image: WABetaInfo

This feature makes it easy to share photos and videos in your documents. This is similar to how users view a preview of a PDF file shared on a meta-owned messaging platform.new Features are currently reaching a few beta testers It will soon be available to the general public. However, the exact arrival time is unknown.

For those who don’t know, WhatsApp can be seen testing many features. It was recently discovered that we are testing the ability to insert a cover photo along with a profile photo. This is currently being tested on a business account. So WhatsApp will also introduce a new community section Allows group managers to better manage groups in one place.

This year, more features will be introduced to users, such as a redesign of the contact information section and a camera UI. When this happens, we keep you in a loop. Therefore, stay tuned for more details.