WhatsApp offers cashback of up to Rs 33 for making UPI payments in India: Report

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WhatsApp offers cashback of up to Rs 33 for making UPI payments in India: Report

Just days after WhatsApp was granted permission to expand its WhatsApp Pay user base to 100 million in India, Meta-owned messaging giants will attract new users by offering cashback rewards, according to reports. And. The company will allegedly start by offering up to Rs 33 rupees cashback for UPI transfers to seduce more Indians to take advantage of in-app payment services. Details are here.

WhatsApp that provides cashback rewards for UPI payments

According to a recent report, WhatsApp will soon be citing some internal sources. Deploying the Cashback Reward Program in India Allows users to earn cashback rewards by making UPI payments via WhatsApp Pay. In addition, the report states that the company is testing ways to provide users with similar incentives for merchant payments.

According to one of the internal sources WhatsApp offers up to 33 rupees as cashback for UPI transfers To your contacts using that payment service. Users are eligible to earn cashback on three transactions and there is no minimum limit on the amount they can send.This means You can send Re1 to one of your WhatsApp contacts and earn Rs33 for it..

WhatsApp tested a similar cashback reward program at the end of last year, during which time provided Indian WhatsApp Pay users with a cashback of Rs 51. I was restricted to selecting WhatsApp beta testers on Android, The current cashback program is reportedly It will be available to all users by the end of May..

Apart from this, the source also suggests that WhatsApp is testing how WhatsApp provides users with similar incentives to make merchant payments using its payment service.As part of this program WhatsApp offers something similar Rewards to users for paying highway tolls, utilities and other invoices using WhatsApp Pay.. In addition, the company aims to test a rewards program for those who use WhatsApp to pay Reliance Jio invoices or prepaid payments.

According to WhatsApp, the move is to attract more Indian users to WhatsApp Pay and compete with other UPI payment apps such as Google Pay, PhonePe and Paytm. The company reportedly conducted an internal investigation on this topic last year and “The incentive is [its] Competitor’s app “ In India.

So what do you think of WhatsApp’s plans to reach more WhatsApp Pay users in India? Would you like to start using the services of the Cashback Rewards Program? Please let us know in the comments below.