WhatsApp may want to connect the device with a cable for chat migration

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Earlier this April, WhatsApp was found to be working on an official chat migration method that would allow users to transfer chats between Android and iOS devices. Since then, I’ve also learned that Facebook-owned messaging apps can even transfer chats to another phone number.In the latest development, it looks like this: WhatsApp chat migration process may require you to cable your device..

Cable may be required for WhatsApp chat migration

WhatsApp Tarekomi WABetaInfo I managed to go practically Future features will display a warning message on the chat transition screen. The warning says “Don’t disconnect the cable yet”, indicating that you need to keep the Android and iPhone connected with the cable.

Don’t get me wrong. There is almost no need to connect your Android device to your iOS device directly with a cable. instead of, It is recommended to connect both devices to your PC Allow chat migration to take place. The company can launch a desktop-only chat migration companion app or add functionality to the WhatsApp desktop or the web before launching.

WhatsApp, which requires users to connect their device to a PC to transfer chats, is certainly disappointing, but it’s not entirely surprising. In fact, existing third-party solutions for transferring WhatsApp data from iPhone to Android work exactly the same. I was hoping WhatsApp would find a way to transfer chats wirelessly, but I think that’s too much. Stay tuned for updates as WhatsApp will be updated when it publishes the chat transfer feature with a detailed guide.