WhatsApp group voice calls now support up to 32 people

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32 voice calls from the WhatsApp group on iOS

WhatsApp recently raised group voice call limits with the announcement of new community features. The following features are now officially deployed: Add up to 32 users to group voice calls On Android and iOS. The Meta-owned messaging giant has also added a brand new group call UI with features such as speaker highlights and waveforms. Check the details below.

WhatsApp now allows group voice calls for up to 32 people

WhatsApp has launched a new group of 32 voice calls with a new user interface with the latest updates for Android and iOS. On Android, users need to update to WhatsApp v2.22.9.73, And iOS users to get v22.8.80 Access new features. The App Store change log also includes an updated design for the voice message bubble and other minor improvements.

WhatsApp forios update change log

With this update, users will be able to add up to 32 participants to a group call to plan a grand party or hold an important office meeting. WhatsApp has updated the group call UI with square blocks for each participant, using names, profile pictures, and waveform animations to help users manage large group calls.

WhatsApp extends the group voice call limit to 32.Added new group call UI

When the user speaks Those grids are highlighted with the waveform animation, Similar to Microsoft Teams. For others who aren’t talking, their grid remains without highlights and flat waveforms. In addition, users who have muted the microphone will see the muted microphone icon.

With this feature, WhatsApp It aims to push community features that allow users to better organize and manage group chats... The company is also working on a nifty polling feature for groups to further improve the user’s group chat experience. This will also be widely deployed soon.

This feature is offered as a major upgrade to the previous group’s voice call limit of eight people. In 2020, the company doubled the user limit for group voice calls to eight individuals. Last year we saw WhatsApp add the ability for users to join an ongoing group call. So what do you think of these new group calling features on WhatsApp? Let us know what you think in the comments below, and stay tuned for more updates on WhatsApp features in the future.