WhatsApp can quickly hide the last seen status from certain people

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Make updated privacy policy optional WhatsApp: Report

WhatsApp has long taken an all-or-nothing approach to allowing users to fine-tune the last displayed status. At this point, you can change your privacy settings so that the last time you brought your messaging service online isn’t visible to everyone, your contacts, or anyone.However, according to a new report from Tarekomi WABetaInfo, WhatsApp will enable you right away Select the person who does not want to see the last viewed status And hide it from them.

Hide the last status you saw from someone on WhatsApp

Look at the report WhatsApp has a “My contacts other than …” option With the last privacy settings you can access from Settings-> Accounts-> Privacy-> Last Seen.. Just like hiding WhatsApp status from acquaintances, you can select contacts to hide the last thing you saw. This privacy setting is also available for your profile picture and settings.

Last seen whatsapp privacy
Image courtesy of WABetaInfo

With this feature, WhatsApp provides a healthy balance of helping users stay close to the people they care about while maintaining a safe distance from their acquaintances. At least theoretically Helps reduce unwanted interactions It will be a great relief for those who are allergic to small stories. Now that you’re here, it would be nice to have the option to hide “online status”.

As always, you can’t see the last status you saw on someone you hid in WhatsApp. It’s a fair trade-off, given how you don’t share you with them. The ability to hide the last thing seen from a particular person is currently underway Will be available in future builds.. Currently, this feature is not generally available on WhatsApp beta channels. In that case, we will update it, so please wait for a while.