WhatsApp allows you to join an ongoing group call.The mechanism is as follows

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Prior to rolling out multi-device support for beta testers last week, WhatsApp began testing new “participable” group calling options in WhatsApp Beta for iOS. This feature basically allows users to join a group video call even after they have started the group video call and provides a new UI to show all the participants in the group video call. Facebook-owned messaging giant has announced that it will roll out a group calling feature that allows participation.

WhatsApp joinable group calling feature

WhatsApp announced the rollout of the “Available Calls” feature through its official blog post.According to the company, available calls “Reduces the burden of answering group calls at the start” In addition, users can join an ongoing group call on WhatsApp at any time.

As a result, users will be able to: Join a group voice or video call on WhatsApp even after you couldn’t answer the call for the first time..If a group call is in progress when the user comes online on the platform, WhatsApp[通話]The group call in progress is displayed at the top of the tab. From there, you can join an ongoing group call with just a few taps.

In addition, the user can go to the group chat window where the call was initiated and find a new “Join Call” option. You can then tap a new button to join the call without asking other participants or group members to add it to the call.

In addition to new available calls, WhatsApp Updated call screen UI The new Call Information pull-up tab shows each participant in the group, whether they are on a call or offline. It’s similar to the calling UI in Apple’s FaceTime app, where users can add participants to an ongoing call or notify participants in a group that are inactive.

How to use the group calling feature available on WhatsApp

We tested WhatsApp beta features for Android (v2.21.15.9) and iOS (v2.21.140) and a stable build on the iPhone. This feature hasn’t been published in the stable yet, but it worked fine in the beta build of the app. Check the steps below and give it a try.

  • Open the WhatsApp app on your Android or iOS device
  • Go to the group you want to call and start a group call.
  • When you start a group call, if one of the participants is unable to join the group’s voice or video call for the first time, the participant See new “tap to join” option [通話]For ongoing group calls at the top of the tab.

WhatsApp announces new joinable group calling feature

Note: During the test, after completely ignoring the call on Android, I also got a “tap to join” option as a system notification. In iOS version, the new option is[通話]It was only visible in tabs and group chat windows.

WhatsApp announces new joinable group calling feature

  • Then the user[通話]Of tabs[タップして参加]You can open the call information screen just by pressing the option.
  • From there they can Tap the “Join” button Jump to an ongoing group call.

WhatsApp announces new joinable group calling feature

As a result, WhatsApp’s new joinable group calling feature is currently only available in beta builds of both iOS and Android apps. This feature and the new call information screen are not yet available in the stable version. However, WhatsApp has already made an official announcement, so this feature is expected to reach all users sooner rather than later.

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