What is Spotify Greenroom? How to use it on iPhone?

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Clubhouse is the first company to launch an audio feed-based social media platform and leverage people indoors. Looking to the rise of the company, many other big tech companies have launched versions of Clubhouse, the latest being Spotify with Greenroom.

This article describes what Spotify Greenroom is, how it’s used, and how its services differ from Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, and Facebook Live Audio Rooms. Let’s dig in!

What is Spotify Greenroom?

Greenroom shows that Spotify has officially entered the social media space. This is a Clubhouse clone (essentially) that allows users to host and join a live audio room. In addition to Clubhouse features, Greenroom has the option to record a live audio room for later conversion to a podcast.

In addition, Spotify has special incentives for creators who want to make money using the platform.

Spotify hasn’t put itself into the idea of ​​an audio chat social media platform yet — Greenroom isn’t the original Spotify work. In March 2021, the company purchased Locker Room, a social audio chat app dedicated to sports and related discussions.

Since the acquisition, the company has added some features to the app, giving it a nice touch of Spotify’s “green” color and restarting the locker room as a green room.

Note: If you have a locker room, the update will be displayed in the app store of your device. Download to use Greenroom.

Where can I use Spotify Greenroom?

Greenroom is available in more than 135 countries around the world. This app is available for both Android and iOS, but not yet for desktop devices. Unlike Clubhouse, you don’t need an invitation to use Greenroom. You can download the app using the link below.

Download for iOS

Do I need a Spotify account to use Greenroom?

not really. When you download the app, you’ll be presented with two options for signing in. You can sign up for Greenroom using your existing Spotify account. I like this option because it’s fast. Otherwise, you can create a Greenroom account there and then use your email address.

Also, you don’t need a Spotify Premium account to use Greenroom, just in case you’re wondering. This app is free to use and has the same features on non-premium and premium Spotify accounts.

How to Start or Join a Spotify Greenroom Room

For now, the app is based on the sports discussion app, so the Spotify Greenroom session is primarily sports-focused. To join a room, follow these steps:

  1. Open Greenroom.
  2. Tap Magnifying glass icon It’s at the bottom.
  3. Search for the topic you want to join the room.
    You can also tap to see all the live rooms all Buttons on the main screen.
  4. When you find the group you are interested in, tap Join the room Button to join the room.
  5. In the room you can:
    • Invite people
    • Share the link with others
    • Raise your hand to become a speaker
Join the Green Room on iPhone Spotify

How to create Spotify Greenroom on iPhone

  1. Tap Make a room..
  2. Next, given names room.
    In the Greenroom app, if you have a live audio room show or series, you can also specify a name, such as an episode number.
  3. Next, Select a group For your room.
  4. Select in the following cases I want to record In the live audio room Live chat..
    Live chat allows listeners to easily ask questions without having to “raise their hands”.
  5. select Live streaming Start the audio room.
How to create a Spotify Greenroom

What is it Spotify Greenroom jewelry?

Jewels are like votes in favor of the Greenroom app. If the speaker agrees or says what you like, you can give the speaker a jewel. You can give a jewel by double-clicking on the profile icon. Unlike the Facebook Live Audio room, Gems is free. You can give up to 2 gems every 30 seconds.

Spotify Greenroom Gems

During the discussion, Gems will appear below the user profile icon. You can also see the total number of gems collected by the speaker by accessing the profile details.

How can I report to whom in Spotify Greenroom on iPhone?

One of Clubhouse’s early big problems was the inability to stop hatred content. There were no automatic bots to block rooms that spread hatred or host inappropriate content. In addition, there was no button to report such content.

Greenroom uses Spotify’s AI to automatically stop banned content. You cannot host a room that contains the following content:

  • Disliked content
  • Incite or praise violence
  • Promotion of self-harm
  • Harassing others
  • Posting sexually explicit content
  • Violates Greenroom’s Terms of Service

Spotify may take action against users who are found to be hosting such rooms.

Incentives for creators of Spotify Greenroom

Spotify Greenroom offers creators an interesting option. We launched the Creator Fund with the app. Creators can monetize their room. You can host a paywall room or set up a donation link to the room. As mentioned above, the author can also record the room and upload it to other podcast apps.

Spotify plans an important update to Greenroom. The company aims to extend beyond live audio rooms to cultural, artistic and entertainment content.

Interested creators can sign up for the Spotify Greenroom Creator’s Fund, which will open later this summer.

Spotify Greenroom: Is it better than Twitter Spaces or Clubhouse?

Spotify Greenroom is a newcomer to the live social audio-based platform. Currently, the app is available in beta, so there are some bugs here and there. Overall, the app usage feels similar to Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse.

Nevertheless, there are some important differences. Let’s see:


  • Record audio rooms not provided by other apps
  • Allow listeners to chat while listening to discussions
  • Ability to set notifications when creators are published


  • There is no way to connect to contacts already in Greenroom
  • Lack of integration with Spotify app
  • The audio room is a bit buggy
  • Search function is not seamless

With Spotify’s reach and popularity, Greenroom seems to be on the right track to gain fame. At the same time, Spotify is doing everything a little and feels like they haven’t learned anything. How well does Spotify’s first platform work? only time will tell.

Did you understand everything about Spotify Greenroom? If you have any questions related to Greenroom, please leave a comment below.

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