What is DiscordSlow mode?How to enable / disable it

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Conversations on the Discord channel can quickly get hot. Messaging apps now offer a new feature called Discord threads for creating individual feeds for specific topics, but for server administrators to limit the number of messages in the Discord channel. It has a great feature called slow mode. This article explained everything you need to know about Discord’s slow mode and how to enable or disable this feature on your server.

Explanation of Discord Slow Mode (2022)

What is Discord Slow Mode?

Discord slow mode is a feature designed with large servers in mind.As the name implies, the feature Allows the server administrator to set a cooldown timer for the active channel.. When enabled, members will have to wait until the countdown timer expires to send a new message. The server administrator needs the Manage Channels permission to enable or disable slow mode.

What is slow mode discord?

Notable Slow mode does not apply to administrators.. Administrators can continue to send messages as usual, even on channels with slow mode enabled. In fact, anyone with channel management, message management, or administrator permissions is not affected by the timer along with the server owner.

Enable slow mode on Discord desktop / web

1. Open Discord server and Click the gear icon in the settings Next to the channel name.

Access slow mode settings

2.[概要]Below the section, you will see options to change the duration of slow mode. Available options start at 5 seconds and last up to 6 hours. Select the optimal period for your channel and Click “Save Changes” Save the timer.

Enable slow mode and save your changes

3. As you can see in the image below, slow mode is activated on the channel, Members must wait until the predefined countdown expires after sending the message.. As mentioned above, server owners, administrators, and members with “Manage Channels” permission are not affected by the countdown timer and can normally send messages.

Countdown timer

Disable Slow Mode on Discord Desktop / Web

1. Next to the channel name[設定]Click the gear icon to open the settings.

Access settings

2.2. Change the period of slow mode to “off” Click Save Changes. that’s it. The slow mode function has been successfully disabled. Now all users on the server will be able to send messages normally on future channels.

Disable slow mode and save your changes

Enable or disable Discord Slow mode on mobile (Android, iOS)

1. Open the server and Press and hold the channel Enable slow mode. From the pop-up menu currently displayed Tap “Edit Channel”..

Edit channel

2. Scroll down until you find “Slow mode” and set the cooldown timer to your liking. Similarly, setting the cooldown to “off” removes the channel’s slow mode. After enabling or disabling slow mode, press the Save Floating Action button to apply your changes.

Disable or enable slow mode


Q: What is Discord’s slow mode?

Slow mode is a feature that implements a cooldown timer until a server member can send a new message. This feature is available on the Discord channel.

Q: How to turn off slow mode in Discord?

You can turn off slow mode only if you are a server administrator or have “Manage Channels” permission.

Q: Who is not affected by Discord’s slow mode settings?

The slow mode setting does not apply to server owners, administrators, and members with the Manage Channels or Manage Messages permission.

Try slow mode on the active Discord channel

So it summarizes everything you need to know about Discord slow mode. If you’re not sure why you can’t send messages often on the Discord channel, we hope this guide helps. If you’re new to Discord, don’t forget to check out our guide to installing Discord themes and the best Discord themes you can use.