“We’re no longer a photo sharing app,” says Instagram Head.

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Instagram head Adam Mosseri is pretty clear about the operations and plans of social media giants and likes to talk openly about them from time to time. Earlier I saw him talking about the idea of ​​hiding likes on Instagram and how it’s polarized for users. Now, in a recent video, Moselli said Instagram will focus more on video to be on par with competitors in the market.

Adam Mosseri recently visited Twitter to talk about the future direction of Instagram. He shared a short video and talked about the company’s various focal points to make the platform more robust and a major source of entertainment. One of the important points from the video is “There is no Instagram anymore [just] Photo sharing app “ Instead, it’s a service that people come to entertain.

As you can see, Mosseri says Instagram aims to improve on four key areas: creators, video, shopping and messaging. Among these, the company will focus more on video to overcome its long-standing image of being a photo-sharing platform. We are facing fierce competition with platforms such as TikTok and YouTube.

As a result, social media giants will be experimenting with new features to deliver more video to their users. This includes displaying videos from unfollowed sources in your feed to improve discoverability. I’ve seen Instagram test the ability to put “suggested posts” before posts from known sources.

Therefore, in the coming months, Instagram will further test such features. One of these, included in the next version of the app this week, will allow users to select different topics. Based on the topic you choose, the app recommends videos to attract users and promote unknown but influential creators.

In addition, the company plans to add more features so creators can create more content. We will also focus on improving the shopping experience in the app, as the ongoing pandemic is driving online shopping significantly. In addition, Instagram improves the app’s messaging capabilities and shifts focus from feeds and stories.

So, as you can imagine, Instagram will change a lot in the coming months. The company aims to be an all-in-one social platform that allows users to shop, have fun, and connect seamlessly with friends and family.