Welltory iPhone App Review: Monitor Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, etc.

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We are all guilty of staying healthy with backburners and sometimes ignoring those subtle tips. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a scientifically-backed tool to help you monitor even the slightest changes in your health?

Well, the Welltory iPhone app is a heart rate variability monitor that promises to do it exactly.

But how does the app track heart rate and stress levels? Is it good enough to hear it? Well, here is a detailed review of the Weltry app so you can get all the answers.

Welltory: Blood Pressure Pulse – Overview

Knowledge is often said to be power. And with so many impressive features, analytics and insights, Welltory puts that power in your hands. The smart health tracking app analyzes data, makes inferences, and suggests possible behavioral strategies.

Weltry Smart Health Tracking iPhone App

Measures heart rate variability, also known as HRV. Not to be confused with heart rate (heart rate per minute). HRV is the time difference between heartbeats.

HRV and Heartbeat Weltry iPhone App

Variance, measured in milliseconds, helps access the state of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). This allows you to analyze your body’s system, physiological stress levels, risk of getting sick, and more.

The entire idea is based on science and decades of research and is used by astronauts, health authorities, and athletes to study and maintain the body’s response to specific situations. You can read more about it on the app’s website.

How does Welltory work?

Currently, measuring HRV is not as easy as measuring your current heart rate or blood oxygen levels. Therefore, Welltory uses PPG (Photopretismography) and ECG (ECG) to measure heart rate intervals up to milliseconds.

  • PPG – Welltory uses a phone flash to illuminate your finger and measure changes in light absorption and blood volume. Therefore, record the elapsed time between each beat and create a graph.
  • ECG – If you own a BLE heart rate monitor such as Polar, Apple Watch or Samsung HRM, the app will measure the electrical signal from your heart and estimate your HRV.
How Welltory Works on iPhone

Measure heart rate variability on iPhone

  1. Download and install Welltory Apps on your device
  2. Tap Heart rate icon It’s at the bottom.
  3. Then place your finger on the flash while covering the camera. The app will immediately start measuring your heart rate.

    Measure heart rate variability on iPhone

After almost a minute, the app displays incredible insights into productivity, energy, stress and more.

Insights that can make a difference

Welltory uses 22 heart and nervous system indicators to understand your health. Histograms are interpreted to some extent, but terms such as SDNN, RMSSD, pNN50, and mean RR can be quite overwhelming.

But Wellroy will help you with that too. One is to briefly explain what each metric reflects. In addition, green, yellow, and red colors are used to indicate where you are standing.

Welltory insights that can make a difference on the iPhone

Surprisingly, that’s not all! This app promises an overall health reading and leaves no stones to use it.

Integration of apps and smart gadgets

Welltory supports over 120 smart gadgets and apps, including Apple Watch, Fitbit, Gramin, Mi Fit, Nike + Run Club, Strava, Pillow, Calm, Headspace, and MyFitnessPal.

Thanks to that, you can easily track physical, mental and emotional indicators directly from Welltory. In particular, you may need an active subscription to these apps for cohesive reading. Let me give you an example of how it can help:

Blood pressure tracking – Further leverage blood pressure assessment with 5 additional indexes based on the latest clinical guidelines. You can add BP manually or connect a smart monitor such as Qardio or Withings.

Blood pressure tracking with the Welltory iPhone app

Training and sleep tracking – You can’t get a wide range of metrics for each of these categories, but it helps you understand how they affect you. For example, will Zumba and yoga make you happy, or will you do weight training in the gym?

In addition, after accessing the results, you will be offered tips on when to go to the gym and how to improve your sleep.

Interestingly, the app also supports integration with:

  • Diet planning app Make sure you get enough protein, like MyFitnessPal.
  • Productivity app Like Pocket and Todoist Help you focus more.
  • Geoposition app Like a flock to help you discover your happy space. In the office, at home, in the bar.
  • Environmental app Like UV Index Widget and AirPods, it establishes a link between surroundings, weather and health.
  • Social media app Limit procrastination from Instagram, Telegram, Reddit to GitHub.

This may sound annoying, but these data are very useful as your heart rate changes and adapts to your current activity and mood. Also, it is not mandatory to submit these details. These are Welltory benefits that you can start and stop at any time.

Personalized summary to get the big picture

It’s very easy. The more data you provide to Welltory, the more insights you can generate. In addition, it will help and guide you better as it begins to understand your behavior. Therefore, this app recommends sharing your feelings many times a day.

You can also set a reminder for daily heart rate variability measurements. And accordingly, it makes daily travel plans or personalized summaries in goals and training zones to help make you healthier.

A plan or personalized summary that includes goals for the Welltory iOS app

I have to say, the app gives you some exciting and very accurate important insights every morning. While exploring the app, the stress level soared due to an emergency at home and the app caught it. See my reading for 3 consecutive days in the screenshot below.

Accurate and important insights into the Welltroy app on the iPhone

Another interesting feature of the app is Self test A section that covers a variety of topics, from personality, cognitive abilities, mental health to productivity. These tests boast a simple multiple-choice question for a thorough evaluation. And the results include recommendations to help you grow and prosper.

Personality test with Welltroy app for iPhone

Can Welltory help improve your health?


User interface
Value of money

Let’s be honest here. When it comes to diagnostic apps, I’m very careful and conservative. Not all apps are accurate. This can lead to some horrifying scenarios. However, the Welltory iPhone app reassured me with an almost accurate and accurate analysis of my mental and physical condition.

And I love how to keep things fun and interesting with a colorful and graphical interface. In addition, all sections and indicators have brief descriptions to help you better understand your data. If you need more details or scientific explanations, they can handle it on their website without any problems.

In addition, developers are working harder. Their past updates and future goals show that they are keen on building apps that are as cohesive as possible.

Strong Points

  • Great colorful and fun interface
  • Accurate measurements and insights
  • Excellent integration options
  • Personalized summary


  • The phone gets very hot during the measurement
  • No trial period

But I have one suggestion for them. What if you have a subscription pack for all the relevant apps, that is, if your brand works with other apps to offer bundled prices? This allows users to enjoy everything in one place for one price.

price: Freemium version with limited functionality. Premium cost –

  • Monthly – $ 12.99 / month
  • Annual – $ 79.99 / month


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