We tested WhatsApp’s new “best quality” photo upload option.The results are as follows

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WhatsApp was discovered last week testing an option that allows users to choose the image upload quality for submitting images in the app. This feature is currently being rolled out to Android beta testers, as first discovered by the reputed WhatsApp Talekomi WABetaInfo.

Send WhatsApp images with the highest quality

If you are using WhatsApp Beta with Android version, you can set the quality for sending WhatsApp images in your app settings. To set your preferred photo quality on WhatsApp, go to Settings-> Storage and Data.. Here you will see a new “Photo Upload Quality” option under Media Upload Quality Settings. Photo upload quality can be set as automatic, highest quality, or data saver.

Whatsapp to set photo upload quality

WhatsApp Top Quality Photo Upload Quality: Tested

As promised, we did a quick test to show you the new top quality upload capabilities. And beware of spoilers, that’s a shame. This test used a 12MP photo taken with a OnePlus 7T. The photo resolution is 3000×4000 and the size is 3.9MB.

whatsapp top quality test

Now I have submitted the same image on WhatsApp with automatic, top quality, and data saver options. The size of the image sent in automatic mode was 153KB, while the size of the so-called top quality image was 178KB. Data saver mode compressed the image to 110KB.

Difference in photo quality of whatsapp

And for those who are wondering about the resolution, both the automatic image and the highest quality image were 1.9MP and the resolution when downloaded was 1200 x 1600. The image sent in data saver mode was 1.2MP and WhatsApp resized it to a resolution of 960 x 1280. As you can imagine, the image sent as a file retained its image quality and metadata.

In other words, even if you plan to send uncompressed images, it’s a good idea to send them as files. However, if you want to share high quality memes with friends and family, you can use the highest quality options.