Warden currently lives in Minecraft, so you should be scared

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Warden is currently participating in Minecraft and needs to be scared

The day has finally arrived! Minecraft has received Warden, the most anticipated mob to date. It’s scary, powerful, fast, and definitely dangerous. With the release of the full Minecraft 1.19 update, Warden could become one of the most powerful boss mobs in the game for many players. But that’s not all. In addition to Warden, we’ve received a lot of other things, including new biomes, new blocks, new enchantments for the latest snapshots, and much more. So wait a little longer and learn everything you need to know about Warden and the deep darkness.

Very scary Minecraft snapshot

The developers released the first Minecraft Bedrock 1.19 beta in January 2022. Since then, Java edition players have been waiting to share the good news that arrives only today. Most features of the first snapshot, such as Warden and deepdark, are for Java edition only. Rock players will have to wait a week or two to participate in the beta program. Minecraft Preview users can expect these features to be available with Bedrock Beta.

Note: As the developers mentioned, everything from structures to mobs is subject to change in the official release.

Warden in Minecraft 1.19: Everything We Know

Minecraft Warden

Warden is Minecraft’s first blind mob, dedicated to deep dark biomes, and has many one-sided advantages. Here’s everything we know about Minecraft’s most horrifying mobs:

  • Warden Depends on sound and vibration To find that enemy. Detects player movements and projected objects without having to touch Warden directly. You can fool it by throwing the projectile away from you.
  • If the player is sneaking or hiding, Warden Detection they Smell..
  • If Warden cannot detect your presence and is not angry 60 secondsDespawn.
  • In deep, dark biomes, There can be multiple Wardens With Minecraft. As soon as Sculk Shrieker warns you about you, each will spawn.
  • Raise your stake, Warden removes the player’s shield When it attacks them with a fist. Therefore, if you hit twice, you will immediately return to the spawn point.
  • Warden gets angry Vibration and attack.. The more angry Warden gets, the higher her heart rate.
  • Finally, Warden Does not drop loot Once killed, Skullk Shreeker can summon multiple Wardens.

Warden’s dark effect

One of Warden’s main force movements is the new dark effect.As the name implies, this effect Decrease gamma and brightness Of Minecraft. In addition, when affected, players face extreme darkness every few seconds, and even the light source is almost completely dark.

Dark effect activated in MinecraftDark effects from Minecraft Night Vision
Night Vision Effect-With and without Night Vision (R) (L)

You can counter it with a night-vision potion, but it still has no effect on the effects of the dark fog. With the night vision feature, the surrounding blocks are much brighter, but you still can’t see beyond the chunks. So keeping you multiple torches is your best bet.

Deep dark biome of Minecraft 1.19

Home of Warden, Deep Dark is a new biome for Minecraft 1.19. It is dimly lit, mostly composed of deep slate and skull blocks. Other hostile mobs usually do not appear in this biome. This biome usually spawns below the height of Y = -10 blocks.

Ancient city

Ancient City MC

In total darkness, there is a new building called the Ancient City. This place is similar to the fortress of hell, but much darker. There are various chests here, all protected by Skullxener and Shreeker who can summon Warden in Minecraft.You can also find a new block called Enhanced deep slate In this area. This is an unbreakable block that resembles rock and cannot be obtained in survival game mode.

Swift Sneak Boots Enchantment

Last but not least, it’s a new addition to Minecraft’s enchantment list.In relation to Warden, “Swift Sneak” is a boot enchantment you can do Walk fast while crouching.. You’re not as fast as a watchman yet, but this increases your chances of survival. There are 3 levels, dedicated to chests that spawn in ancient cities. In addition, this enchantment cannot be combined with other boot enchantments.

How to download deep dark snapshots

Snapshots are experimental and will not be taken automatically by the launcher. Therefore, you need to download the update zip file from here. You can then unzip it into your Minecraft version folder and install the snapshot. After that, you need to create a new installation in the launcher and select “Pending 1.19_deep_dark_experimental_snapshot-1” to run it. Stay tuned for a quick guide to assist with the installation.

Meet Warden on Minecraft

Wild updates are closer than ever and we are all working on it. Other expected Minecraft 1.19 mob Allay should also be around the corner. But for now, are you excited or scared to meet Warden on Minecraft? Let us know in the comments!