Vivo is working on smartphones with flying camera systems like drones

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Chinese giant Vivo Detachable flying camera system.. Yes, you are reading that right! The phone features a rare camera module that can be removed from the device to fly in the sky, allowing users to capture drone-like footage with their smartphone’s camera.

Vivo reportedly applied for a patent (Via LetsGo Digital) For “electronic devices” dubbed the same as the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in 2020. A 20-page document was recently released by the authorities. It’s entirely in Chinese, but you can check the documentation here.

Vivo smartphone with flying camera

Now, if you look at the design of smartphones that are expected to have a flying camera system, you can see that they look like any other smartphone on the market. However, the device includes additional components with a dual camera setup, three proximity sensors, four propellers, and an additional battery unit. This module is hidden inside the device and slides from above with the mounting bracket.

Vivo phone with flying camera

You can then remove the mounting bracket from the camera module. Then the user can: Skip the camera module With the help of four integrated propellers. A removable drone-like camera system is probably controlled via the smartphone itself and can be used to capture video and images from a unique angle.

Vivo phone with flying camera

The patent proposes to place one of the cameras at the top of the module and the second camera at the front. This gives the user the flexibility to capture footage and images from different angles when the drone is in the air. In addition, you can add additional camera sensors to the camera module.

During flight, compact camera modules can face stabilization issues due to wind turbulence. However, Vivo already established a gimbal-stabilized camera system on its X50 device last year, so the company can integrate it into its flying camera system. For obstacles, the camera module can detect nearby objects and prevent collisions thanks to proximity sensors.

Is it a gimmick or a revolution?

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a number of unique and ambitious projects from Vivo in the smartphone sector. The company also applied for some ready-to-use patents from smartphones, including those with a changing color back panel and those with a rotatable physical keyboard.

But smartphones with flying cameras seem to be the most ambitious project of many. So, when it comes to fruition, it can revolutionize the way smartphone cameras are used and unleash a variety of other opportunities for companies in the industry. So, do you want to integrate a removable drone into your future smartphone? Do you think the idea is feasible? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Featured images courtesy of LetsGo Digital