Videos get stuck in 0 views due to a bug in Instagram reels

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Instagram Reels, a new bug in short video features like Instagram’s TikTok, keeps users watching 0 videos even after posting for days. Some users are concerned about online platforms such as Twitter and Reddit. Since yesterday, we’ve been flooded with reports of this nasty 0-view bug in Instagram Reels.

Now, for those who don’t know, Facebook-owned social giant Instagram began testing its short-form video service Reels in 2019. The company launched Instagram Reels in India shortly after the government banned the popular short video platform TikTok last year. It quickly became quite popular as many popular influencers switched to it, and since its release, Instagram has even tested ads between reels to take advantage of the content.

However, a recent bug in Lille causes users’ videos to get stuck in zero view. A Quite a few users are reporting The video on Lille remains “0 views” a few days after it was posted.user Say You can see the number of likes and comments on Lille, but the number of views remains zero. Here are some examples:

Now, the bug doesn’t seem to affect all Instagram users. However, as the number of tweets increases, it seems to affect many users.

At the time of this writing, there is no actual fix for this and the company has not addressed this issue. However, given Instagram’s focus on video sharing, the company can expect to fix this issue sooner rather than later, as the CEO confirmed.