Valorant will not run on unsupported Windows 11 PCs.This is the reason

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Valorant will not work on unsupported Windows 11 PCs

Microsoft’s next-generation desktop OS, Windows 11, which will be rolled out on October 5, will be offered as a free upgrade for existing Windows 10 users, but the system requires some compatible hardware components. May become. Apart from Microsoft, some app and game developers also seem to enforce these strict rules. For starters, according to a recent user report, Riot Games’ super popular FPS game Valorant has not started on unsupported Windows 11 systems.

As a result, several users trying to run Valorant on an unsupported PC with Windows 11 installed will receive an error message stating that TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot are required to run Riot’s own anti-cheet system Vanguard. I received. And since Vanguard needs to play one of the riot games, Valorant will not boot on unsupported Windows 11 PCs.. Still, keep in mind that users playing Valorant on a Windows 10 PC do not need TPM 2.0 to run the game.

Valorant will not run on unsupported Windows 11 PCs.This is the reason

For those who don’t know, Microsoft initially excluded 7th generation Intel processors or older CPUs from Windows 11’s system requirements. Later, the Redmond Giants expanded the CPU eligibility of future operating systems and added support for some 7th generation Intel CPUs. However, keep in mind that compatible systems require TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot support, except for the new CPU, 4 GB of RAM, and 32 GB of internal storage.

Currently, TPM 2.0 is a new trusted platform module that prevents users from spoofing device IDs. Simply put, it enhances security and prevents unauthorized installation of Windows 11 on incompatible PCs. You can read the detailed story of the TPM to see how to use the TPM and why running Windows 11 is essential.

However, please note that users can do a clean install of Windows 11 from USB on an unsupported PC, but then they will not receive future security or driver updates from Microsoft.

According to expertsThe Riot move will prevent Valorant player hardware, which has been banned by Vanguard for fraudulent activity, from returning with the new HWID. This is because the TPM behavior allows you to create a new device ID for your Windows 11 PC. In addition, Riot Games has taken this bold step, critics praise it and hope that more apps and games will do the same to keep them safe.

So if you’re considering installing the next version of Windows on an unsupported PC to get new features, think again. Doing so could prevent your system from getting security updates from Microsoft and could lead to a number of security vulnerabilities over time. In addition, some apps and games may not run on a PC running Windows 11.