Upcoming Apple Watch with satellite connectivity; iMac with M3 chip

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Last year, I heard that the iPhone 13 had a satellite connection, but that didn’t happen. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, this year’s iPhone 14 will be able to take advantage of this feature, and the next-generation Apple Watch, perhaps the Apple Watch Series 8, may also have satellite connectivity. Details are here.

This year’s Apple Watch to get a satellite connection!

Through the recent “Power On” newsletter, Garman Apple Watch is “fate” with satellite connection supportThis can happen on either this year’s Apple Watch or the 2023 model.

The newsletter also reiterated that the iPhone 14 series has support for satellite connections, but the iPhone 13 couldn’t get it because it wasn’t ready to launch the feature. The lineup also has four iPhone models, a new design, and a 48MP camera, which is expected to put even more load this year.

For beginners Satellite connection Helps users send short messages to emergency contacts In the absence of cellular service coverage, as opposed to the previous notion of being used for calls. Apple is said to be affiliated with Globalstar Inc for this purpose. It is suggested that Globalstar Inc has signed a contract to purchase 17 new satellites for unnamed “potential” customers (such as Apple).

Given that Apple plans to launch three Apple Watch Series 8 variants, at least one of them may support the feature. However, Gourman pointed out last year that this feature is limited to some regions. It’s still unclear how Apple plans to anticipate this.

IMac with M3 chip is also available

Besides talking about this year’s iPhone and Apple Watch, Gurman also sheds light on new things. IMac with M3 chip.This Mac will be available in 2023But not much known at the time Of writing. It was also suggested that the iMac Pro is under development, but again, it won’t be available soon.

These plans will be added to a number of Mac devices this year: an entry-level MacBook Pro with an M2 chip, a redesigned MacBook Air with an M2 chip, two Mac Minis, and a 14-inch. May be included. A 16-inch MacBook Pro with an M2 Pro chip and an M2 Max chip.

One thing to note is that the details above are still speculative and Apple hasn’t confirmed this yet. Therefore, it’s best to catch these details with just a little salt and stay on Beebom for more information on future Apple products. Also, in the comments below, please tell us your thoughts on getting an Apple Watch satellite connection.