Twitter’s Android app may finally be able to select and copy text in tweets

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Twitter's Android app may finally be able to select and copy tweets

Twitter is finally working on adding simple yet useful features to Android apps. Ability to select text in tweets.. As popular app reverse engineer Jane Manchunwon shared in a recent tweet, the company is working behind the scenes to add text selection to Android apps.

Text selection in Twitter’s Android app is coming soon

According to the tweet, Twitter may soon add a text selector to the Android app. For reference, this feature has been available for some time in Twitter’s iOS app. As shown below Press and hold the text to immediately see the option to copy the selected textShare the text or select all the text in the tweet.

If you’re a beginner, Twitter’s Android app doesn’t currently have an option to select and copy text. If you want to copy a specific part of the text in a tweet right now from your Android smartphone, you need to copy the tweet link, paste it into your browser, and select the text from there. Another workaround is to press and hold the tweet to copy the entire text, paste the text into the memo app, and remove the irrelevant parts. Even if Twitter could add functionality directly to the app, both of these methods feel verbose.

You can also use the Android overview selection feature to select text in your tweets. Features introduced in Android 9 Pie Allows users to select text from app thumbnails Via a recent app switcher. However, the problem here is that it’s only available on Pixel smartphones and most Android smartphones are in the dark.

At the time of writing this article, the text selection feature mentioned above is not working in the stable version of Twitter’s Android app. Since this feature was actually discovered, the company plans to add it to the app in a future update, probably over the next few weeks.

Featured images courtesy of: Jane Manchun Wong / Twitter