Twitter will tell you which followers are currently in your Twitter space

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Twitter recently published a design change with new fonts to improve the user experience. In addition, we recently shut down the story-like fleet format and focused on the social audio room feature Twitter Spaces.Microblogging giants are now experimenting with important features Increase the discoverability of spaces.. This tells the user which followers are currently in the Twitter Spaces session.

Twitter announced new features in its official tweet. This feature is currently under development and as a result is currently only available to some iOS and Android users. You can check the tweets just below:

Going into the details, this feature allows iOS and Android users to see if the person they are following is currently in the Twitter space at the top of the timeline. This new feature aims to allow users to discover more space on the platform when the company is trying to enhance audio room features like Clubhouse.

Followers who are already in the Twitter Spaces audio room will appear in the purple bubbles in their profile picture. However, you can turn this feature off at any time if you choose not to share your space information with your followers.

To do this,Settings-> Privacy and Security-> SpaceClick “Show your followers the space you’re listening to” and turn off the toggle.

Twitter tells you which followers are currently in your Spaces session

Therefore, when you join a Spaces session on Twitter, your followers won’t know if you’re in a particular session. On the other hand, if one of your followers keeps this toggle enabled, you know they’re in space and you can join with them. This allows you to find more Spaces sessions from different content creators on your platform.