Twitter tests emoji response of tweets

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Twitter tests emoji response of tweets

A few months after deploying emoji reactions in direct messages, Twitter realized that it was working on the possibility of allowing users to use emojis and fleets to react to tweets. Everyone knows what happened to the fleet, but the company is working on emoji reactions and is starting to test features with Turkish users.

Respond to tweets using emoji

Follow in the footsteps of Facebook Twitter currently allows Turkish user Respond to tweets with emoji For a limited time. There are five pictograms to choose from: 🤔, 😢, 😂, 👏, and ❤️. According to Twitter, emoji reactions provide more ways to show how people feel about tweets.

Twitter says that Deliberately chose to rule out negative reactions After the investigation. “” Frustration “and” anger “are also common emotions that you feel when reading a tweet, and some people want to disagree with the tweet, but at this point we haven’t incorporated them as an emoji reaction. ” Twitter said.

If you live in turkey you can Press and hold the Like button to access the response of the tweet.. It’s worth mentioning that a single short tap will send you a familiar “like”. This feature is available for Android, iOS, and the web. Based on how users react to this test, we need to wait to see if Twitter will extend the emoji response feature to more regions.

In particular, this isn’t the only approach Twitter is testing to revamp a similar system. The company recently began testing Reddit-style agree and disagree buttons in tweets earlier this year. Want to react to tweets using emoji instead of your current approach? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.