Twitter shares the concept of new features to improve privacy and user discoverability

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While Twitter faces imminent legal issues in India, Facebook rivals continue to work on a variety of new features to add to the platform. Twitter executives today shared the concept of features, from privacy-focused features to user discovery. If the feedback is positive, some of these features may soon move to the microblogging platform.

Future new features of Twitter (concept)

Lena Emara, Twitter’s People Experience Designer, 4 new features On her timeline today. These features are currently just a concept, and Twitter is seeking feedback on what to improve, add, or remove from the concept before making these features available to the public. Check out the tweets just below.

Reminder to publish your account

The first concept feature shared by Emara shows an easier way for protected users to show their tweets to non-followers. If you have a protected account and reply to someone other than your followers on Twitter, your followers will not be able to see your reply. So the new feature reminds you that you can easily switch your account to public.

Image courtesy of Twitter / Lena Emara

Account bread crumbs

Second, the “Account Breadcrumbs” feature allows users with multiple Twitter accounts to switch accounts seamlessly. Executives shared the concept of a UI that displays an account switcher in the tweet creation window. In addition, users can see the names, handles and privacy status of all their accounts in one place.

Twitter account breadcrumbs feature
Image courtesy of Twitter / Lena Emara

Privacy set

In addition, Emara shared two other feature concepts focused on improving user privacy and account discoverability on Twitter.The· “Privacy set” According to the designer, this feature notifies the user to review and change conversation control and detectability settings from time to time.

Image courtesy of Twitter / Lena Emara

Discover me

On the other hand, the “Discover me (or not)” function Notify users when their account appears in search results On the platform. On Twitter, you may soon be able to choose whether or not to search by searching, and you can also set an optional time limit.

In addition, if someone searches for a name and harasses the user, you will receive a notification similar to the following: “Do you want to help limit negative interactions? After searching for a username, I locked 5 accounts due to a rule violation. Want to change the way people find you?” It aims to reduce online harassment and increase discoverability.

Twitter is the ability to discover me
Image courtesy of Twitter / Lena Emara

Therefore, these are some of the new features that Twitter may introduce in the future. But, Emara says, these are “Very early concept” What is “(Not yet?) Not built“Therefore, the company needs your feedback to advance the idea.